The name speaks for itself. The Gardens is one of the most beautiful suburbs you can find around Cape Town – a place where you can finally establish your dream home or business. Of course, nothing’s perfect. Even in the most beautiful of neighbourhoods, there could be a few things that would ruin your regular routines. A plumbing issue, for example, can set you back with a simple broken pipe or a sudden leak. It’s a good thing we have a solid team of professional plumbers in The Gardens ready to run to your aid.

24/7 Emergency Plumbers in Gardens

Planning a dinner party when the area beneath your sink suddenly overflows? Hoping to catch a late night movie, but stuck in the shower because there’s suddenly no water coming out? No need to worry. Even if this plumbing emergency happens late at night or in the wee hours of the morning, our team of Gardens plumbers will always be available to run to your aid. We know that plumbing emergencies happen at the worst times. This is why we are always prepared to fix the problem so that we can have your routine back to normal in no time.

Kitchen and Bathroom Renovations

Your home may already be beautiful, but trends change and preferences may suddenly vary. This is why our team of Gardens plumbers are always ready to assist you in case you find the need for bathroom and kitchen renovations.

Our team of plumbers are always updated with past and current trends. Whether you want a more classic look or are hoping for a few upgrades, we can help you right from the creation of the concept, all the way to the actual renovation.

Unblocking of Drains in Gardens

Clogged drains can have so many ill effects. It’s not just about the water damage to your home or business. It’s also about the possible health hazards, especially when the problem has been around for some time. This is something that needs immediate action, something that our team of Gardens plumbers will always be ready to handle.

Geyser Installation, Maintenance and Repair

When it comes to your Devil’s Peak home, nothing beats the thought of a hot shower or a hot bath after a long day. It’s the perfect way to reward yourself after all the hard work you’ve put in. Just imagine how bad it would feel if the hot shower you were imagining the whole day can’t be possible because of a busted geyser! This is why our Gardens team of plumbers is always ready to pinpoint the problem and apply the best fix the soonest possible time.
If you don’t have a geyser system in place just yet, then this is also the best team to get one. Our team of expert plumbers know the ins and outs of every geyser system. We can give you advice on what the best system would be for your setting, and can perform the installation process without any hiccups.
Let us know what plumbing issues you want us to fix and we’ll fix them the most efficient way possible. Call us at 021 300 7899 and get your free quotation today.

Happy Customers in Gardens

The Cap Town Plumbers team was fantastic in helping us with our plumbing emergency. Very quick to respond and at our home almost instantly. Very impressed
Plumbers in Garden Cape Town
Rating: 5/5 stars

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