Bergvliet is a developing suburb with a number of schools, hospitals and shopping centres. Though currently small in population, more and more people are starting to live here because of its beautiful landscape and peaceful neighbourhood. The homes here are comfortable, except when there’s a plumbing issue, peace turns to disturbance.

When your quiet life is disrupted by the problems of home maintenance including plumbing, we are a professional plumbing company in the Bergvliet area that will give you relief from these problems. Our track record of 30 years means that you can trust us to resolve your plumbing concerns in a timely manner

Emergency Plumber Bergvliet

Plumbing emergencies can happen in any minute, which is why to need a trusted plumbing service provider that you can contact anytime. We are always ready to receive any calls for emergency plumbing repairs in Bergvliet. We have a large team of plumbers and you can count that there’s one available for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
Did a pipe burst in the middle of the night or did the faucet start to leak on a weekend? Not a problem. No day or hour will deter us from repairing the source of plumbing problems, no matter what it is.

Leak Detection Bergvliet

You won’t complain about living in Bergvliet as it is a very attractive and accessible town, not until you start experiencing problems related to leak detection. Imagine, one day, opening your water bill from the mail and see that is has doubled. There are many types of leaks: slab leaks, pipe leaks, main water line leaks and subgrade leaks. If these are left undetected, the damage and cost needed to repair it will continue to increase. If you encounter any leak troubles, contact us and we will send a specialized team that uses advanced tools to help you detect and repair the problem.

Bathroom & Kitchen Renovations Bergvliet

After how many years, your home would start to deteriorate. And the way you use the rooms inside the house has changed. There will come a point where you would want to expand and renovate your home. When this happens, the whole layout of your house, including your bathroom and kitchen will change. This means that the existing pipe lines will have to be moved and/or replaced.
If you are planning a bathroom and kitchen renovation soon, it’s best that you contact us as early as the planning stage. We are also experienced plumbing contractors and we want to make sure that we have addressed all your requirements.

Drain Unclogging Bergvliet

Clogging of drains is unavoidable and it happens to every home in Bergvliet. With the amount of wastes that are being flushed down the drains, in time they will be the cause of the obstruction. We are prepared for these kinds of situations, whatever the cause of the clog, big or small. When you call us, our plumbing staff will go to you as soon as possible. With the use of proper tools and methods, drains will be unclogged in no time. We will also guide you on how to take care of your drains to prevent clogging from happening again.

Call us today at 021 300 7899 and our support staff would be happy to discuss any plumbing problems that you might have. We also offer same day services for emergency plumbing repairs. Most importantly, we will provide you with reasonable quotes and solutions that will best fit your needs.

Plumbing Customers in Bergvliet

We called Plumbers Cape Town when our toilet exploded and they quickly came to our home in Bergvliet within 30 minutes and helped us deal with it quickly and professionally. Great work!
Emergency Plumber in Bergvliet
Rating: 5/5 stars

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