Plumstead may be a small, quiet suburb, but every home and business owner here experiences the same plumbing woes that their big city counterparts have. Especially when it comes to structure maintenance and repair, a lot of problems remain the same. And one of the similar problems that both scenarios present are possible plumbing issues that arise when you least expect them.

Emergency Plumbers in Plumstead

24 7 plumbing service in Plumstead

Plumbing emergencies are normal, so it’s something that every home and business owner would have to anticipate. However, no matter how much you anticipate these problems, they will still come at the most inconvenient times. This is why you always need the number of a trusted Plumstead plumber ready in an instant, ensuring that you have the right kind of help at the exact time you need it.

Of course, with around 30 years of experience in the field, we have also come to expect the late night and last minute plumbing calls. This is why we now ensure that no matter what time and day you call, we will always have someone who can run straight to your home and fix the problem right away.

Unblocking Drains in Plumstead

Blocked drains? No problem!

We know what a hassle blocked drains can be. Imagine all that smell and waste threatening not only the property’s cleanliness and sanitation, but your entire household’s health as well.

It doesn’t matter how big or small the blockage is. It could be something as simple as a toilet or a sink, or something really major within your main pipes. No matter what it is, we have it covered. We have the latest equipment that will not only allow us to assess the situation accurately, but also help us apply the best possible solutions as quickly as possible.

Leak Detection Plumstead

We are an established plumbing company in Plumstead offering various plumbing services including leak detection. If you own a home or business in Plumstead, and you suddenly experience water problems due to leakage, then look no further. Going to our clients whenever they need a solution is our top priority.

Some leaks are hard to detect and require highly specialized tools and methods. Our team are fully equipped to handle any type of leak problem. They will search for the source of the leak and arrive at the best and quickest solution. We are always available for leak detection services Plumstead, so give us a call today.

Bathroom and Kitchen Renovations in Plumstead

It’s not at all surprising that some home and business owners would think about different ways on how to improve their homes and businesses. This includes possible renovations on kitchen and bathrooms.
Because we have seen them all, we are able to incorporate your design ideas with that of the best plumbing systems and layouts possible. All this, of course, we present, with your budget in mind.

Geyser Installation, Repair and Maintenance

Every home needs a decent geyser system, but every home has its own sets of requirements when it comes to this. This is why all of our plumbers are equipped not only with the tools, but with in-depth knowledge about how every possible kind of water heating system works.

Because of this, it doesn’t matter what you need. Whether you’re looking at a brand new installation, or would only want to have your existing system checked, we’ll be able to do that for you.

Geyser maintenance in Plumstead

Plumbers Customers in Plumstead, Cape Town

Our washroom was leaking water all over the place, after asking around we were recommended Plumbers Cape Town. I am happy to say that they did an excellent job going above and beyond the call of duty. I highly recommend them
Plumbing services in Plumstead, Cape Town
Rating: 5/5 stars

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