Do Plumbers Install Water Heaters?

Around the house, we often want to tackle projects ourselves first before hiring someone to do the job for us. Although it could be for many reasons, chances are it’s a way to save money. Installing a water heater is one of those DIY tasks many homeowners attempt on their own. It may seem like … Continued

What Order to Do Kitchen Renovations

Kitchen renovations are exciting as you watch what you’ve imagined in your mind come to life. But if you don’t have an effective step-by-step plan, that excitement could quickly turn to stress and frustration.   When it comes to home renovations, especially in the kitchen, you can never prepare too much. Missing a step, jumping … Continued

6 Practical Tips for Septic Tank Safety

For many households, installing a septic tank is essential for their property. They need the system to flush out unwanted liquids from the house; otherwise, they’re left with a mess and a foul odor. We often forget that our septic tank exists until it’s time to pump it out and perform regular maintenance. Forgetting about … Continued

How to Drain a Blocked Dishwasher

Those who have a dishwasher in their homes likely love it. A dishwasher saves you tons of time on cleaning dishes. However, from time to time, your dishwasher may get blocked and not work as well. A clog in the dishwasher can come from a piece breaking off and getting stuck in the drain. Typically, … Continued

Can Toilet Paper Block Drains?

Do you find that your toilet tends to get clogged quite often? Clogged toilets are a messy issue that many homeowners face at one point or another. To avoid clogging it, you likely avoid flushing down obvious items like trash, food, and feminine hygiene products. However, there is another item that could clog your toilet … Continued

What Are Ways To Fix Common Septic Tank Problems?

Many families rely on a septic tank to treat their water waste. Using a septic tank is a safe waste disposal mechanism, making them quite popular in areas that have poor drainage systems or areas that cannot connect to the main sewage network. If you have an issue with your septic tank, you want to … Continued

How Often Should You Clean a Septic Tank?

For many residential homes, a septic tank is an essential system integrated into the property. When main municipal sewer lines cannot connect to the property, often in rural areas, a septic tank is what they need to collect all the sewage and water waste from the house. Without the septic system, the sewage would have … Continued

Are Kitchen Renovations Tax Deductible?

For homeowners around the tax season, you’re likely wanting to know about all the tax deductibles and incentives you can claim, and why wouldn’t you? After all, you pay quite a bit in taxes each year, it’s nice to get some of that back. The money you get back could be used to pay off … Continued

Different Types of Water Leak Detection Alarm Systems

A water leak tool has been designed to ensure that there is a constant supervision as well as check of water flow. We have a water detection tool which is very easy to have installed. Leaks which are difficult to detect manually can be detected by it. These could be Chiller water leaks, (condensed) water … Continued

Innovations in Plumbing Leak Detection Methods

There are a few signs that points to the possibility of water leakage. Experiencing an abnormal rise in amount of water is one noticeable pointer of a problem. Similarly, unexplained noises of running water and wet appearances on the walls and ceilings are signs of a possible leakage. Water leakage comes with many undesirable outcomes … Continued