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6 Practical Tips for Septic Tank Safety

For many households, installing a septic tank is essential for their property. They need the system to flush out unwanted liquids from the house; otherwise, they’re left with a mess and a foul odor. We often forget that our septic tank exists until it’s time to pump it out and perform regular maintenance. Forgetting about your septic tank can be very dangerous, not just to the system itself, but to you as well.

It’s important that you and your family practice practical septic tank safety for your protection. Good tips to think about include marking off the location of the lid, avoiding entrance into the tank, abstaining from the use of flames in the area, having someone with you around the septic tank, keeping the area clear of hazards, and paying attention to unsanitary conditions. So, what are some ideas for septic tank safety?

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Septic Tank Safety Ideas

Use Sturdy Lids and Mark Them Off

If your household has children running around, it’s essential that you have a sturdy lid covering the opening to the tank. The lid should be heavy and fit properly to ensure that no child can remove it.

The sturdy lid prevents individuals from falling into the tank and can also withstand heavier weight. Marking off the openings will also help prevent anyone from getting too close to the tank.

If you’re not sure where you should mark off your septic tank, contact Plumbers Cape Town to help you locate and inspect the system.

Never Enter the Tank

The only person that should ever need to enter the septic tank is a professional. Because of what the septic tank holds, there is methane that fills the tank, which is dangerous to breathe in. Professionals have the proper equipment to ensure their safety going in and out of the tank.

When it’s time to clean out your septic tank, leave this job to a professional. They will know how often you should clean a septic tank, and they will perform the job safely.

Keep Flames Away

The methane in the septic tank is also highly flammable. If you have a fire nearby, the methane can seep into the ground or out of the tank, producing the perfect scenario for an explosion. Avoid lighting a cigarette, having torches or fire pits, and using fireworks around the septic tank.

Avoid Working Alone Around the Tank

If you have to do any work around the tank, you should do so with a partner. If you were to fall into the tank and no one was around, it would be hard to find you. Not only that, the fall itself could be fatal.

Another reason to work with another person around the septic tank is because of the methane gas. If the septic tank is poorly ventilated, the fumes could flow into the area you’re working in. You may not notice it right away, but your working partner could. Breathing in the gases could cause you to faint.

Keep Area Clear of Hazards

You want your septic tank to be visible at all times. If you have items, debris, trees, and tall grass covering the area, someone could stand on the septic tank without even realizing it. The roots of the trees can also damage the septic tank system.

If you’re doing any digging or landscaping, pay attention to pipes and electrical wiring. Hitting a wire can cause a dangerous shock if you’re near the septic tank. Also, hitting the septic tank can cause damage to the system.

Watch Out for Unsanitary Conditions

There is nothing pleasant inside the septic tank. The tank becomes the perfect spot for bacteria and viral infections to form, which could put your health at risk. If you’re working by the septic tank, you should keep yourself covered, especially if you have any open wounds. Once done, thoroughly was yourself in case any of the liquids made its way onto your skin.

Leave It to the Pros

If you are unsure or worried about the safety of your septic tank system, it’s important that you reach out to the professionals. They can inspect the system, clean it out, and ensure that it is properly marked for you and your family’s safety.

Taking the right precautions can help prevent serious dangers that come with a septic tank. Contact us today to go through all of the safety measures with your septic tank system.

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