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Innovations in Plumbing Leak Detection Methods

There are a few signs that points to the possibility of water leakage. Experiencing an abnormal rise in amount of water is one noticeable pointer of a problem. Similarly, unexplained noises of running water and wet appearances on the walls and ceilings are signs of a possible leakage. Water leakage comes with many undesirable outcomes which includes weakening of a building’s foundation and eroding the building’s plaster owing to excessive wetness inside the walls of the building. These effects will jeopardize safety and reduce the overall beauty of the building.
Technological advancements have delivered two popular approaches for water leak recognition. One of the approaches is sonar and the other is gas based. The gas based process entails shooting up hydrogen and nitrogen gas inside the pipes which will uncover leaks on warm and cold water pipes respectively. This approach is operational and gives a precise result. This system is particularly efficient because gas consists of the tiniest particles and this helps uncover minute leaks in the pipe system.
Thermal camera provides images of the walls and floors and this is crucial when trying to uncover leakages. Thermal camera delivers an impeccable level of accuracy because it has the capacity to see and gauge thermal energy. Owing to the infrared technology, thermal imaging has the capacity to identify things that may not be visible by merely looking. This feature and functionality makes the thermal camera particularly relevant in finding the most unclear and imperceptible water leaks. In addition to finding the leakage, the thermal camera will locate the source of the leaks and locate wetness that is inaccessible to moisture meters.
One impressive instrument that gives an exact result on the origin of a leakage is the microphone. Using a sound-based approach, the microphone will identify abnormal sounds from compromised pipes. The microphone’s sound-based approach is equally suitable for walls and will trace sounds with remarkable precision.
A correlator is another sound-based detection instrument that provides accurate results when trying to find leakages. It achieves this by detecting the acoustic frequency that is created by a defective pipe. This instrument features a matching set of radars that estimate the exact leak spot through recording signals, radar farness and sound speed.
Identifying the precise leak location does not cover all considerations. After establishing a leak problem, the next line of action is to define the exact placement and arrangement of the pipe. With years of active involvement and expertise in finding water leakages, we integrate the use of advanced line marking instruments and thermal cameras to identify the placement of the pipe system with a defined accuracy.
Over the years, we have provided quality leak detection service to many satisfied organizations and homes who continue to approve of the efficiency of our operations. With advanced plumbing leak detection methods, we identify the most inaccessible leakage without jeopardizing your walls and floors in the process. Our expertise in pipe leaks extensively covers a wide range of metal pipes and we always deliver with the highest level of professionalism.

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