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What Order to Do Kitchen Renovations

Kitchen renovations are exciting as you watch what you’ve imagined in your mind come to life. But if you don’t have an effective step-by-step plan, that excitement could quickly turn to stress and frustration.


When it comes to home renovations, especially in the kitchen, you can never prepare too much. Missing a step, jumping ahead, or not creating a renovation plan could get you into a lot of trouble in the middle of the remodel.


Before you begin your kitchen renovations, speak with the professionals to ensure you have the right permits and plan in place.


Table of Contents

The Right Steps to Renovating Your Kitchen

How to renovate your kitchen:


  • Employ a Systematic Approach
  • Replace Outdated Plumbing
  • Replace Electrical and Install Kitchen Lighting
  • Hang Kitchen Drywall, Mud, and Sand
  • Paint Walls and Ceiling
  • Install Flooring and Baseboards
  • Order and Install Countertops
  • Install Kitchen Backsplash
  • Install Appliances, Faucet, and Hardware

Employ a Systematic Approach

You need a clean slate to start your kitchen renovation. To do that, you must tear down the old before you can bring in the new. Remove basically everything in your kitchen and get rid of anything you won’t use anymore (sell, offer to charity, or throw away if something is in poor condition).


Take down the cabinet doors, remove all the trim and baseboards, carefully tear down lights and pull away the appliances. Typically, this is a process you can do on your own. If you’re planning on removing walls to open up space, ensure that you’re not removing a load-bearing wall first. Also, leave the studs in so you have spots to nail in the drywall.

Replace Outdated Plumbing

Once you open everything up, you’ll want to take a look at the plumbing. Usually, pipes and electrical wires are hidden behind the walls. It’s for your safety while keeping the room neat.


Your best bet for plumbing issues is to hire a professional. You’ll need certain permits before you begin, and the plumbing system must meet a specific standard set by the region you live in. Plumbers Cape Town professionals have the training and qualifications to replace any outdated plumbing in your kitchen.

Replace Electrical and Install Kitchen Lighting

Another task that requires a professional is the electrical and lighting system in your kitchen. Tackling electrical wires when you don’t have the proper training could seriously harm you and cause damage to your house.


Bring in an electrician to replace and update any old and faulty wiring, along with install new light fixtures. Make sure to have your circuit breaker inspected so that it can withstand the updated electrical system. The electrician should also check with the local city codes for any light bulb requirements or restrictions (i.e. LED bulbs vs. incandescent or fluorescent).

Hang Kitchen Drywall, Mud, and Sand

Once the plumbing and electrical wires are completed and installed in their new areas, it’s time to rebuild the walls. Again, you’ll want to hire a professional for this job if you’re unsure. Hanging drywall is a time-consuming task. The mudding portion, although seems simple, is quite challenging if you want it done correctly. Sanding will even everything out and allow you to give the walls a smooth coat of paint.

Paint Walls and Ceiling

Now that the foundation of the kitchen is complete, it’s time to start the decorating portion of the renovation. Paint the walls and ceilings before you install anything. Otherwise, you’ll have to paint around items, which makes the job more difficult.


Tape off the windows and flooring to keep the paint where you want it. Use good quality paint so that it can withstand the change in temperatures while cooking, and it makes cleaning easier. Painting is something you can do on your own unless you have a detailed paint job. You may want a professional for that.

Install Flooring and Baseboards

Install the flooring and baseboards before installing the cabinets as well. This is another task that you could do on your own or hire a professional if you don’t have the time.


Look at environmentally friendly options first, like cork, bamboo, and eco-friendly wood. You’ll want something that is durable to withstand the foot-traffic the kitchen sees.

Install Kitchen Cabinets

One of the biggest parts of the kitchen renovation is installing the cabinets. Plan the layout before you being, as once they’re installed, it’s not easy to move them. Hire a professional to ensure the cabinets are installed correctly and will last a long time.

Order and Install Countertops

You’ll have to measure the countertops before you order the material. It may take a while, depending on the type of countertop you want. So, place the order once you know the dimensions needed.


The type of countertop you order will depend on the style you’re going for in the kitchen, the quality, color, and price range.

Install Kitchen Backsplash

The backsplash is one of the last few installations you’ll need in your kitchen. It adds a new element to the design, and it’s an area where you can be creative with. When choosing the backsplash, take the color of the countertops and the walls into consideration.


To save some time, install the backsplash on the same day as the countertops. Unless you have the time to do it yourself and are okay with the tedious task, hire a professional to do this part for you.

Install Appliances, Faucet, and Hardware

The last step is to install the appliances, faucet, and kitchen hardware (cabinet handles). A professional plumber should work with the appliances and faucets to ensure they’re done correctly. They will need to work around the countertops, which can be difficult.


Installing appliances is not as easy as plugging them in and away you go. Each appliance has something unique they need. For example, the dishwasher will need an air gap inserted before you can use it. That is when a plumber would be beneficial.


The Bottom Line – Ask for Help

Because a kitchen renovation is one of the biggest projects you can take on in your home, never be afraid of asking for help and hiring a professional. Although you may think you’re saving yourself money by doing it yourself, it could cost you more in the long run if things aren’t done correctly.


Plumbers Cape Town can help you with your kitchen renovation. Contact us today to schedule your appointment and find out how we can make the job easier for you.

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