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What you didn’t know about your toilet!

Through the ages, toilets have taken many shapes and forms and you probably have no idea about how it all began. In this post, we take a brief look at the history of the Toilet and hows its iconic design quickly became a worldwide standard. Take a look at our infographic below which takes us through the history of the ever important toilet!

Different toilets through the ages - Plumbers Cape town

The first flushing toilet was created over 2800 years ago! Although used outside due to health reasons, the adoption of underground sewers and pipes quickly established the toilet into the home itself.

As indoor plumbing became more and more reliable, so has the problems that are faced by us plumbers! Installations quickly became widespread throughout the early 1800’s and since then, daily problems such as backed up toilets, blocked sewers and drains have become almost a part of daily life for the average plumber. The good news is, plumbing has been around for a long time so we have plenty to learn from. Our dedication to learning has put us at the forefront of plumbing in Cape town as we continue to expand to this day.

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