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What Do Plumbers Do?

By now, you probably have the number of a plumber that you trust hanging around the kitchen or near the phone. But do you actually know the extent of their knowledge and what they can do for you? What do plumbers do?

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The Plumber’s Main Duties

Plumbers can do so many things. Sometimes, people are actually surprised when they find out how much a plumber can really do. Of course, one of their basic roles would be to install and maintain pipes and different fixtures that come along with it. It all depends on the project given to them – sometimes, they get to work on new structures where they lay new plumbing systems down, but sometimes they also get to work around what other plumbers before have already put in.

Renovations, for example, are among the most common jobs given to plumbers. Especially if a few fixtures would have to be moved around or replaced, plumbers are the experts who would know exactly what to do.
Interestingly, even geyser systems are covered by the expertise of plumbers. Anytime you need any kind of water heating system installed, your plumber should be the first person you call. The same thing goes for any clogged drains, leaks, and similar problems.

Key Skills Plumbers Should Have

What kind of skills should plumbers have for them to do their job well? Here are the most basic skills you should look for before trusting a plumber to do the job for you:

Physical Conditioning

No weak person can survive the demands of a plumbing career. From the tools used to the materials that would have to be lifted, carried and fitted in, plumbers should have the physical capabilities that would allow them to do this efficiently.

Mechanical Knowledge

Plumbing is not a field where you just follow a set of instructions and automatically know how everything works. There is a certain system that needs to be followed, a level of mechanical knowledge that only the right kind of training and the right amount of experience that would have to be used.

Good Business Sense

A plumber should know how much every piece of material and tool costs and how much work is placed into each specific project. From here, the plumber makes an estimate of how much every client should pay. For this, every plumber needs good business sense. Plumbers would have to be able to give a price that covers all materials and the amount of work put in while still considering the customer’s budget.

Excellent Customer Service

Plumbers talk to their clients directly. With each project having different demands, a plumber has to have the right kind of attitude and disposition that would allow him to understand what the customer demands and offer the best solutions. It’s not just about doing the job and getting out of there. It’s about building lasting relationships that would make each customer come back for more.

Think about your trusted plumbers. Do they have all of these skills? Are they able to do what they should be doing as plumbers? If you said yes to both questions, then you know that you have a keeper.

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