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Can Plumbing be on an Exterior Wall?

There are so many rules to be followed in home construction and renovation. But as time goes by, and as experts find ways to give solutions to the problems that contractors faced before, more and more people are starting to break the old rules.
This is true when it comes to plumbing. Although there are dos and don’ts that plumbers usually follow, some break the mold and opt to go against what everyone else is doing. There is one specific question that a lot of people continue to ask the experts – can plumbing be on an exterior wall?

Why is plumbing not recommended for exterior walls?

Yes, plumbing CAN be placed on exterior walls. However, it is NOT recommended. This includes any waste and venting pipes, as well as main waterlines. When placed on an exterior wall, any of these may freeze, especially if it’s a water line. As for waste and venting lines, the possibility of freezing is not as high. But running them through a wall can still cause cold spots to form, areas where heat can easily escape. This also means that insulation will not be applicable for that specific wall.

What if it is absolutely necessary?

Sometimes, even the things that are not usually done must be done. In the case of running any plumbing system on an exterior wall, there will always be ways to do so effectively despite the fact that there are risks that come with it.

  1. One way to do it is to insulate and put the drywall in while the plumbing lines still aren’t there. From here, you can fur out an inch and a half and use this space for the waterlines. With this area furred out from one corner to another, a sort of false wall is created, allowing you to place the plumbing system in without having to worry about obvious bumps on the wall.
  2. In case the exterior wall is just about to be added, or if the entire exterior of the structure is being reworked, you can also opt to place insulation on the wall exterior. When this is done, you can easily run any kind of plumbing within the walls. This method also helps your home become more energy-efficient.

Depending on your plumber, they may opt for these two solutions or think of a solution of their own. The possibilities are actually endless, and the more experience a plumber has, the more ideas they usually have. For as long as your trusted plumber is able to think outside the box, they will always find ways to do what used to be thought as impossible.

So can plumbing be on an exterior wall? Absolutely! Sure, it may not be a recommended step, but it’s not impossible, either. Of course, this is not really a common issue that plumbers usually face. But when the time comes that it is absolutely necessary to do it, it then becomes a great way for your plumber to prove just how ingenious they are when it comes to their craft.

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