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Will Plumbers Tape Stop Leaks

Every home must have had either a dripping or a faulty tap. In addition to the fact that it is disturbing, a minimal leak usually turns into a major one. Paying a plumber to do little repairs including numerous faucets can be quite costly.
An effective, economical and handy solution for leaking taps is the Teflon or plumber’s tape. Having an idea of how and when plumber’s tape can be used is essential because it provides assistance to figure out whether a leaking tap is a basic task that can be done yourself or it requires the attention of a professional.

Will plumbers tape stop leaks? It depends. Plumber’s tape just provides a quick cosmetic fix for leaky taps. Designed to be used on weakened pipe connection, plumber’s tape doesn’t have the ability to glue very firmly. Flush fittings require washers and cannot be repaired using plumber’s tape.

Plumber’s tape however is used by plumbers when installing new pipes and fittings. It prevents leaking by helping to hold components screwed together in a more solid seal. It shouldn’t come as a surprise to come across a tap that has leaks void of plumber’s tape. A tap with plumber’s tape effectively fastened around which still leaks may mean the issue is more serious than the simple lack of contact at the surface.

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Plumber’s Tape Types

There are different types of plumber’s tape. The types intended for private use are supplied in various colors, widths, and densities. Low-density white tapes are ideal for connections in water and are the most popular type. It needs many wraps to successfully seal a leak because of the relatively thinner nature. Tapes for connections in water that have high densities are usually pink in color, while those for gas connections are usually yellow. Some types of plumber’s tape wear away when used on an appliance. In the event that this happens, take off the tape and put on tape with higher quality. Less expensive is not really better.

How to Wrap Plumber’s Tape

When using plumber’s tape, wrapping the tape effectively around the fitting is amongst the biggest difficulties. Applying plumber’s tape in a clockwise direction is an ideal approach. This implies you should always place the tape end on the fitting you wish to wrap and then while facing it, wrap to the right around, under and then back over the top of the fitting. Maintain constant pressure on the tape, to enable proper sealing. Push the tape down after wrapping is done, and apply pressure to the loose end towards the strings to prevent it from wearing away.

Ideal number of Plumber’s Tape Layers to Use

It is generally agreed by most plumbers that the sufficient number of wraps or layers of plumbing tape fall between four and six. Practice continuous testing of the tap. Turn on the water, air, or gas slowly, to check for leaks. Air and gas leaks are usually a lot less obvious than water leaks. When checking for air and gas leaks, smear some soapy water around the hose connection area. The soapy water produces bubbles supposing there is a leak. In such cases, you would have to loosen the connection to add a few more tape layers to the fitting when carrying out the process all over. Always ensure every gas fitting is well sealed before use.

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