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Will Medicare Pay for Bathroom Renovations

DME refers to Durable Medical Equipment that delivers therapeutic benefits to individuals that suffer from disabilities and medical conditions. These include wheelchairs, walkers and hospital beds. It is expected that DME expenses will be shouldered by Medicare.
For a patient to get Medicare to take care of DME, the DME equipment must be recommended by the patient’s physician. Also, it is stipulated that the equipment must be delivered by a sanctioned Medicare member. Additional information on this subject can be obtained from the Medicare journals. The scope of Medicare support doesn’t shoulder medical equipment that is not recommended by the physician.

Will Medicare pay for Bathroom renovations?

It is important to know that Medicare does not shoulder bathroom makeovers and this is the same for various parts of the home. Similarly, Medicare does not shoulder any home adjustments for assistive equipment like bathroom grab bars.

Walk-in tubs are also exempted from Medicare’s coverage because they are not deemed as durable medical equipment. Sometimes, Medicare could shoulder a part of the buying cost, so it is logical to demand a partial refund. There are no assurances of this being fruitful. However, the money you forfeit if it does not pan out is very minimal and it is summed up by expenses on photocopying, envelopes and stamp price.

There is a lot of controversy over the walk-in tub and why it is not deemed durable medical equipment. These debates have continued to linger for some time now, with many nasty inconveniences for the disabled and elderly. While other DME’s like the wheelchair is useful to relatives that may require it, walk-in tubs are solely bought for the elderly and cater to their movement challenges. With this reasoning, you stand the chance of being repaid part of the purchase expense on the walk-in tub.

For you to benefit from this, it is necessary that you follow the appropriate buying process. Recommendation of a physician is the foremost step. Failure to get the recommendation of a physician would deprive you of any form of compensation.

Do not go for the very expensive brands as Medicare subsidy is not a sure thing. In the event that Medicare does not shoulder part of the cost, you should be ready to take up the total cost of the walk-in tub without regret. This comprises of the remodelling fee and cost of the actual tub.

It is advisable to get quotes from many dealers before making a financial decision. Consultation is always a step in the right direction. This would ensure that you get the most affordable estimates on the tub and fitting.

Once you have finalized payments for your walk-in tub, you can now initiate the process for Medicare compensation. This would require a Medicare authorized physician’s recommendation for you to purchase the walk-in tub. Also, proof of purchase would be required as well before Medicare gives you a part payment. It is good to get back some of the money spent on your walk-in bathtub. With more people applying for Medicare subsidy on their walk-in tub purchase, it is expected that Medicare would re-evaluate its practice in favour of the disabled and elderly.

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