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Will Drain Cleaner Unblock a Toilet

So you thought that plunging your toilet will clear the clog, but for some reason it didn’t work. So you start asking yourself, “Will drain cleaner unblock a toilet?” The answer is not really. First, drain cleaners are made for sink and floor drains and not toilets. Toilets have a different configuration inside that will make it difficult for the solution to reach the debris that’s obstructing the toilet.
It is also a bad idea to use a drain cleaner on the toilet because it contains caustic chemicals that create heat to unblock a drain. If it’s unable to dissolve the clog, it will stay in the toilet bowl and cause the porcelain to crack. It can also deteriorate PVC pipes and corrode metal pipes.

Another reason is that chemical drain cleaners can harm your skin. Imagine this. You tried the drain cleaner but it didn’t work, so you used a plunger instead. The water in the tank that has harmful chemicals may splash on your skin and burn it.

You should therefore try other methods to unblock the toilet. Listed below are possible reasons why you’re unable to unblock the toilet.

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You’re using the wrong plunger

For toilets, you should use a bell-shaped flange plunger. What you probably used is the the cup plunger that is designed for sinks. The flange plunger forms a tighter seal on the toilet surface and creates more pressure to loosen the blockage.

You’re not using the plunger right

You have to ensure that the plunger totally covers the opening in the toilet bowl. And then the plunger should be completely submerged in water. If not, you need to add more water in. With consistent force, push and pull the plunger in an up and down motion until the clog is cleared.

You have not tried using a toilet snake yet

Aside from the plunger, you can use a drain snake. It is a metal coil that you can push into the toilet to clear the blockage.

There’s a problem with your main sewer line

If you’re experiencing clogs in more than one fixture and if there’s foul odor from your drain, then you’re sewer line is most likely blocked. If this happens, you will have to contact a professional plumber to inspect your waste lines and find the root of the problem and fix it.

Caustic Soda in Drain Cleaners

The caustic soda component in drain cleaners is dangerous to your health, hence it should be handled with caution. When you use it to clear sink drains, fill the pipe with water afterwards to remove any residues. Remember to keep drain cleaners out of children’s reach.

The correct way of using caustic drain cleaners is to pour hot water down the drain first to warm the pipe. After which pour the drain cleaner into the drain. Always wear gloves and goggles and avoid contact with the chemical. Caustic soda is very dangerous if it makes contact on your skin or eyes.

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