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Why You Need a Plumber for Your bathroom Renovation

When looking to renovate the bathroom, most people usually will focus on making the bathroom looks better. What they often don’t realize is that bathroom renovation is way more than just a ‘beauty makeover’. The bathroom is a very important part of any house, so even though it’s true that it should look great, more importantly it should function perfectly. That’s why you need a plumber for your bathroom renovation. A plumber can make sure everything functions the way it should in your bathroom.

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Make a better renovation plan

Don’t just hire a plumber when the renovation has begun, but you should involve the plumber from the planning stage. This is important because your current plumbing arrangement could affect the whole renovation design plan. Doing this can save you a lot of money, time and hassles.

Just imagine if your new bathroom design can’t be accommodated by your current plumbing system while you have already purchased everything needed for your renovation design, you might have to break the walls and rearrange the entire plumbing system in your bathroom. That will cost you a lot of money and a lot of time. It’s a costly mistake that can be easily avoided if you involve a professional plumber when planning your bathroom renovation.

A good plumber can definitely help you make a better renovation plan that not only will make your bathroom looks better, but also functions better. Most of all you won’t have to blow up your budget.

The plumber can collaborate with the general contractor

A professional plumber knows how to collaborate with a general contractor in order to create a comfortable and highly functional bathroom for you. This will avoid any damage to the pipes caused by the work done by the general contractor. Sometimes, simply by moving a sinks or bathtub, the pipes can get damaged. By hiring a licensed plumber you will be able to avoid this unnecessary costly mistake.

Assess the condition of your pipes

An expert plumber can assess the condition of your current pipes, so while your bathroom is being renovated the plumber might suggest renewing some of your pipes for safety. Ideally a plumbing system should last at least 30-50 years.

Hire only a licensed plumber

You may have hired a highly experienced general contractor that can handle various different tasks. But usually no matter how good a general contractor is, they don’t know a lot about plumbing. So it’s best to hire an expert plumber that has a license.

Plumbing is not something you should take lightly. Remember, those pipes are embedded within the walls, under the floor and in your basement, if something goes wrong you will experience a wet nightmare and you might have to tear down your walls and turn your basement upside down just to get the plumbing working normally again.

Reserve a small part of your budget for unknowns

Just because you have hired a good general contractor and a licensed plumber, it doesn’t mean that absolutely nothing can go wrong. So finally, what you should do is allocate about 10% of your budget for unexpected problems. Because even the best plumber in the world won’t be able to see through the walls, so you might get some surprises when the walls are finally opened.

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