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Why do Bathroom Renovations Cost so Much

When homeowners think of starting a bathroom remodeling project, they are immediately worried of how much it would cost. Let’s face it; it’s expensive. So why do bathroom renovations cost so much? It’s because even though the area is small and the renovation period is short, it requires almost the same amount of trade types as renovating an entire house. It requires a carpenter, tile installer, cabinet maker, electrician and plumber.
You can minimize your worry though. There are many factors that can affect the bathroom renovation cost. Listed below are 7 of them and if you know which one to prioritize, you may lower the total cost of the renovation.

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There are many types of materials to choose from. Marble and synthetic stone are among the most expensive. Laminates and tiles are the less expensive options. A more expensive material is also labor intensive, as well as having a fancy edging. If you find it hard to decide, consult a designer or contractor. They will guide you on what’s best for your taste and your budget.


Retiling the entire bathroom will definitely cost you more, compared to retaining a portion of it. For example, replace the floor tiles but keep the wall tiles. Another major factor is the kind of tile that you want to use. Natural stones, mosaics and high end tiles are the expensive choices. Having a complex tile pattern like a diagonal layout will also increase the labor cost because there are more cuts to be done.


Relocating the walls and the toilet fixtures will increase your expenses a lot more than just replacing them. Should you decide on a relayout, the outcome should be what you want it to be. Consult your designer and tell him of your objective. Although it is cheaper to keep things as they are, sometimes a change in function really requires a relayout.


If you want solid and durable cabinets, you will have to pay more. Sometimes, ready-made cabinets sold in hardware stores do not last as long as customized ones. With custom-built cabinets, you can also choose what handles to use. They are also more expensive because they use more efficient hinges that don’t wear out easily.

Light fixtures

The right lighting fixtures can make or break the design of your bathroom. There has to be adequate lighting at the vanity for routine activities like shaving and applying makeup. You can also add side lights and wall washes for a dramatic effect. The number of lights and the type of lights that you use will have the most impact on cost.


Plumbing costs are dependent on the extent of the renovation. Will the sink and toilet be moved to a new location? Do the pipes need to be replaced or extended? You will have to spend on both material and labor costs.


Amenities are luxurious additions to your bathroom. Luxury equals more costs. Some of these amenities are steam showers, whirlpool tubs, heated floors and more. These would make you want to spend more time to relax in the bathroom.

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