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Which Plumbers Install Water Filters

When it comes to the drinking water in our homes, we want it to be free of chemicals and as clean as possible. Installing a water filtration system is the best way to achieve that.

When it comes to water filtration systems, homeowners have a few options to choose from, depending on the layout of the house and what they’re looking for:

  • Countertop Water Filters – these filters are convenient as you can move them from place to place. Instead of installing them under the sink, they are on the counter, making them easier to change.
  • Under-Sink Filters – these filters are a point-of-use system. They only serve the faucet to which the filter is installed. They are an excellent and efficient way of getting fresh, drinkable water, and work better than adding a small carbon filter directly to the tap.
    • Reverse osmosis is a water treatment process that is popular for point-of-use systems. It removes unwanted molecules, ions, and particles from your drinking water.
  • Whole-House Filters – these filters service every faucet in your home. The contaminants in your water will help determine the type of whole-house system you should install.

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Which Plumbers Install Water Filters?

It’s best to hire a licensed plumber to install your water filters. Whenever you are dealing with something that is affecting the quality of your drinking water, it’s important that it is done properly and to your local standards. Our staff at Plumbers Cape Town is thoroughly trained to install all water filters.

The South African National Department of Health and the South African Bureau of Standards set a safe level for all drinking water. It’s important for your health and safety that the water you drink and cook with meets these standards. If it does not, you could be putting your health at risk.

Using an unlicensed plumber or trying to install your water filters yourself could not only contaminate your drinking water and cause serious health issues, but it could result in a house inspector deeming your system unusable. If you’re moving into a new home or renting a place, you could be prohibited from moving until the system is fixed.

Cape Town Plumbing and Water System Standards

The standards set by Cape Town for plumbing and water systems ensure that drinking water must be readily available in appropriate quantities and that it is safe to drink at all times. Not obliging to the laws could result in a fine, legal action, or even the disconnection of your water.

Any and all new plumbing installations must go through disinfection and be tested by a trained professional. This will show that the plumbing and water systems are up to code and will not degrade the quality of the drinking water. The tests will also show that all of the plumbing materials contain no harmful substances that could seep into the drinking water, putting residents health at risk.

The standards also lay out that plumbers must have adequate training to install and maintain plumbing and water systems. They must also know of all the dangers and health hazards from poor plumbing and water system conditions, and ensure that the public is aware of these concerns.

Trust Plumbers Cape Town for Your Plumbing and Water Needs

We know how important it is to have safe water to drink and cook with. Our plumbers are fully trained and certified to install and maintain your plumbing and water systems so they remain up to the standards set by Cape Town.

If you need to install water filters, set up a new system, have questions, or are in need of maintenance, contact us today to schedule your appointment with our professional plumbers.

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