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When Should Plumbing be Replaced

The plumbing pipes in your house are bound to deteriorate one way or the other. After how many years, they will start to corrode, rust and decay. You will start experiencing leaks and unexplained high water bill. Many years more and the deterioration already pose a threat on your safety. Any moment and they might just blow, with water gushing into your house. Before you let it become a disaster waiting to happen, you should replace your plumbing.

When should plumbing be replaced? Here are some of the factors that you should consider.

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Type of pipe

The material of the piping used in your home will give you an idea of how many years it can function well without leaks. If you don’t know what type of pipe was used, look into the home inspection report that comes with buying a new home. You can also ask a plumber to check your pipes for free.

Problem signs

Observe the exposed pipes in your home, especially if was built more than 50 years ago. See if there has been any discoloration, stains, blisters or flaking. These are signs that corrosion has started. If you notice any of these symptoms, contact a plumber.

Minor Leaks

Be on the lookout for leaks as well. Minor leaks that happen every now and then can mean that it’s time to replace the plumbing in your home. If you had a long vacation, open the faucet and fill the bathtub. See if the color of the water is brownish or yellowish. If that is the case, it means that rust has occurred within the pipes. You should consider replacing the plumbing anytime soon.

Tips When Replacing Pipes

Once you have decided to replace the old plumbing, you need to speak to a plumber just to be sure. It is highly advised that you ask for a second opinion before pushing through with the project because it entails cost and effort.

If you’re on a tight budget, you may only need to replace pipes that are exposed since they are easier to access. Exposed pipes are also more prone to damage and deterioration. Pipes that can be accessed from the basement, ceiling crawl space or utility rooms are the ones you can prioritize.

You can also replace the plumbing when you renovate the whole or a portion of the house. As with any remodeling project, some walls will be opened or torn down. Flooring will also be removed and replaced. Take this opportunity to inspect the hidden pipes for any indications of damage or corrosion. Even if the repair isn’t urgent, you may have to plan for a major replacement in the future.

Total replacement of the plumbing pipes in a home or building is a costly project. Not only that, once you have started, you will have to supervise it until it is finished. You don’t want to be in a rush about something that’s a big investment. That is why it’s important to get a professional plumber’s advice if it’s really the right time.

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