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What to Look for in an Emergency Plumber

What’s the biggest advantage that emergencies have over home and business owners? The element of surprise.

You will never be able to tell when a plumbing emergency is going to happen, and the moment that it does happen, your schedule, your routine and your plans will most likely be ruined. Burst pipes, clogged drains, leaks, no hot water – all these demand for immediate attention. This is why every home and business needs to have an emergency plumber they can trust for those unexpected plumbing problems that may arise anytime.

But how exactly do you know that a specific plumber can be trusted? Here is a list of what to look for in an emergency plumber:

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What’s the use of calling them an emergency plumber if they won’t be available when you need them the most? Your plumber should be readily available 24/7, ready to take on any problem you have. Now it’s understandable that a single person can’t be at your beck and call, waiting for anything to happen. This is why you also have to make sure that your plumber has an entire team of plumbers just as capable of running to your aid.


When we say expertise, this is a mix of both training and hands-on experience. They should have all the necessary certification showing that they went to the right classes and took part of every possible training that gives them the technical knowledge that they now have. But you don’t learn everything inside a classroom. When it comes to plumbing emergencies, you never know what you’re going to face next. This is where practical experience comes in.


Years of experience will always be a requirement if you’re looking for someone who can give immediate solutions to your plumbing needs. Experience teaches plumbers what they don’t learn in class – they find out which approach works best with which particular problem, and they have the results to prove it.


A plumber might be available 24/7. They may have the expertise and the experience. But if they do not have a good reputation, then you might be in trouble. They may be known for promising things that they cannot do, or they may have a bad attitude. Even if they’re the best plumbers in town, if they cannot earn your trust, then you’ll be better off with someone else.


The right equipment will always make a world of difference when it comes to a plumber’s performance. Especially if you experience the plumbing emergency at a time when it won’t be easy to find a place where you can buy parts or tools, it’s going to be useless having a plumber who won’t be able to do anything about it until they get the things they need. A great emergency plumber would always have everything he needs inside his van or truck – from all the tools and equipment needed to all the parts that might need to be used.

Now that you know what to look for in an emergency plumber, you can start hunting for the perfect one that have all of these qualities.

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