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What to Do when Your Geyser Bursts

If your family has gotten used to having hot water freely flowing down shower taps and faucets, you can just imagine how frantic a day would be without it. What more if your geyser were to burst? With water pouring out everywhere and a potential disaster waiting to happen, you can’t just freak out and let the panic set in. You have to know exactly what to do when your geyser bursts.
So what do you need to do the moment your geyser bursts?

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Turn off the power

The moment your geyser bursts, a number of dangerous possibilities open up. If the geyser’s mechanism continues to try to heat up water that is not there, the heat will reach a level that is enough to cause a fire. The water coming from the burst geyser may also reach electrical lines, which could end up in a short circuit or an electrical fire.

So the moment it bursts, make sure the first thing you do is to cut the main power and wait for the experts to come.

Stop the flow of water

Shut the main water valve right away because as long as it is open it will continue feeding water into the geyser, which will then flow out and leak all over your home. So the moment you move into your home or place of business, find out right away where all the mains are. This knowledge can come in handy anytime a plumbing emergency occurs, like your geyser bursting.

Mop up all the water

Remember that water flowing out into your living space will easily creep up into your furniture and anything else that gets in its way. This, in turn, will open up the possibility of molds, something that could escalate into a health hazard.

The moment water flows out of the geyser, do everything that you can to clean up the water right away. Find anything absorbent, and make sure you dry everything up as fast as you can to minimize the chances of mold growing.

Tell everybody affected by the incident.

If the burst geyser is inside a building or structure where other tenants may be affected, make sure you alert everyone right away. You may be taking care of the burst geyser on your end, but if your neighbors do not know about it, they may find their own place damaged by the water escaping your area and flowing into theirs.

Call up your trusted plumber

Times like these, you would really appreciate having a go-to plumber who will be ready to take your call anytime an emergency like this happens. After all, you wouldn’t want to prolong any incident that disrupts your usual routine.

With the number of an experienced and knowledgeable plumber within reach at all times, you are sure that your life can go back to normal as quickly as possible.

Burst geysers can be very dangerous, but if you know what to do when your geyser bursts, you do not only minimize the risks and dangers that come with it, you also ensure that you and everyone else affected can go back to your usual routines right away.

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