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What Order To Do Kitchen Renovation

A noteworthy kitchen redesign must be done in an organized manner to enable great performance levels. Redesigning your kitchen appropriately will spare you loads of time, and time is money. Due to the amount of time required to redesign a kitchen, it is best to comprehend the order to expect, notwithstanding whether you take the necessary steps yourself or you hire a professional renovator.
You should come up with a plan for the kitchen redesign before barging in with a sledgehammer and damaging your kitchen walls. You should get an idea of the kind of kitchen you need by going through redesigning magazines and visiting home renovation stores. Wondering what order to do kitchen renovation when it happens? Read it below.

  1. Table of Contents

    Tear Out the Kitchen Cabinets and Walls

    • Cabinet doors should be removed first so as to make demolition much easier.
    • Many cabinets are held by 2 screws to the wall, you have to unscrew them, but making sure that you devise a strategy for suspending the cabinet while unscrewing it.
    • Remove window trim and doorway gently (if you will like to make use of them again) by sliding a knife near the nails and gently pulling, while moving towards the corner.
    • Shut the power down, and clear away directly wired appliances and lighting fixtures; use wire buts to cover bare wires.
    • Forcefully remove framing from the walls with the help of a crow bar.
    • Using a sledgehammer will provide extra force but be careful not to shatter the framing.
      • Old Plumbing Replacement

      • Provided giving your plumbing a do over is what you always thought of doing, this is practically the best time because the walls are open. You can find a few tips below:

        • Take note that older pipes may get broken causing leakages. Always remember to keep containers nearby to trap leaks.
        • Get the requirements for changing your shut off valves.
        • If you were first using an electric stove, you should consider using a different gas line.
        • Install a clean out if you lack one.
      • Kitchen Lighting installation and electrical replacement.

      • Numerous kitchen redesigns include recessed roof lighting, breakfast alcove lighting or new pendants. Verify through the local city code to know its prerequisites for luminous, halogen and fluorescent lamps.

      • Hang Drywall, Mud and Sand

      • After the plumber and the electrical have completed their tasks, now is an ideal opportunity to hang drywall. The drywaller normally requires three days in total for a single mud layer to dry. .

      • Get Walls and Ceiling of kitchen painted

      • This is a task that the average home owner can carry out, yet ordinary do-it-yourselfers can’t do it rapidly. It is preferable to paint the walls before installing the cabinets. Do not purchase cheap paint and use quality brand paint.

      • 6. Install Baseboards and flooring

      • It is preferable to install flooring before cabinets are installed, even though some architects do so to save money.

      • Install Kitchen Cabinets

      • It is advisable to hire only a professional cabinet installer to put up your cabinets. Professionals will ensure that the cabinets are erect, level and are correctly installed.

      • 8. Install Kitchen Appliances, Faucet, and Hardware

      • Equipment – the pulls and handles – can make or damage your cabinets. Pick a style and finish that complements your cabinets as well as the age of your home.

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