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What Do Kitchen Renovations Cost?

Effectively increasing the value of homes before they are sold can be achieved by remodelling the kitchen It gives your home a general face-lift. The size and scope of a kitchen project greatly affects how much the remodelling will cost. If you’re wondering what do kitchen renovations cost, here’s a quick idea. The national average cost is around R210,000 and many people with homes get to spend between R10,000 and R270,000 for their bathroom projects. This guide provides assistance in cost estimation and gives a reference point for many upgrades and services.

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Where Will Your Kitchen Budget Go?

Making decisions on what you want remodelled must be done before moving on to budgeting. Some people lack the budget or time for complete remodelling of their kitchens. In such situations you will have to select the upgrades to want and can support. Always keep in mind that the biggest difference can sometimes be made with the smallest details. Giving a new face to your kitchen cabinet or simply replacing some kitchen hardware can sometimes bring about effects as large as those of entire kitchen renovation projects.

Small Kitchen Remodel

Budget: R10,000 – R150,000

Before being intimidated by the price range above, be aware of the fact that it takes professional installation or repair into consideration. DIY is still probably the best way to reduce costs when working with small or big kitchens.

If you want to limit cost despite hiring a pro for your kitchen renovation, direct your focus towards small ticket items like hardware changes, cabinet repairs faucets and other small appliances.

Mid-Range Kitchen Remodel

Budget: R150,000 – R250,000

People with the will to incur the cost range above most often afford some high-end finishes without worrying about self-completion of the project. The mid-range remodel can arrive completion without your help. It will however be cost reducing to provide assistance to your pro such as finding your own materials.

You can begin when you have the money with the replacement of laminate and other inexpensive or old counter materials. Corian and granite are chosen by many people though Quartz is a more expensive option which has dominated the kitchen counter industry for some years now still looking like staying for a lot longer.

You have to add the budget for kitchen repaint if desired. White and other bright colors make kitchens to appear a lot bigger. However, an all-white painted kitchen can create a roominess illusion with its seamless transition when looking from the walls to the floor.

Finally, in addition to all projects discussed below, you should consider installing energy-efficient lighting in the ceiling and under the cabinet. Their upfront costs may be more, but they’ll certainly last and help the environment.

High-End Kitchen Remodel

Budget: R250,000+

Your wish list can become near endless when you get into the budget of R250,000+ without necessarily going crazy. After counter replacement and new cabinet installation, focus can be directed towards backsplash, flooring and island. If your kitchen lacks and island, get a pro immediately to add one. Kitchen islands are fast becoming so predominant across the country. In addition to providing expanded seating and extra storage, an island adds an all new improved design feature.

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