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What Causes Drain Blockage

Experiencing drain blockage can be a hassle. If you detect them at the onset, you can have it fixed right away and avoid serious damages to your home caused by major leaks.
There are many factors to consider when it comes to what causes drain blockage. Here are some of them.

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Is the blocked drain located inside or outside?

If the blocked drain is located outside, the blockage is most like caused by dead leaves that have piled up inside the drain. The other reason could be tree roots that have grown and blocked the pipes.

If you suspect that the blocked drain is located inside, it could be caused by hair, debris or other objects flushed down the drain. Blocked toilet drains, for example, are most like caused by sanitary products like wipes, napkins and toilet paper.

Is the kitchen, bathroom or toilet drain blocked?

If the blockage is inside the house, the problem could be in the kitchen sink, bathroom sink or toilet. And the culprit would be the things that you allow to go down the drain. For kitchen drains, it is usually food particles, oil and grease that get stuck inside the pipes. If left unfixed, it could lease to even bigger problems that would require a plumbing professional.

How to Prevent Drain Blockage

There are many things you can do to prevent clogging of drains. First, be mindful of the things that you pour down on the drain. In the kitchen, make sure that the plates are cleared of food debris and thrown them in the trash. Use the right cleaners and detergents when washing the dishes. These help in breaking down the grease and oil. Don’t pour grease directly down the drain. Instead, leave it to cool and throw in the trash. You can pour it in the drain but you must immediately pour cold water after. It solidifies the grease and prevents it from sticking to the pipes.

To prevent clogs in sink drains, protect it from hairs, debris and other objects. When you see your hair falling on the sink, throw them in the trash bin instead of pouring water on them. Also avoid flushing foreign products into the toilet, such as napkins, tampons, wet wipes, cotton, and even toilet paper. They can get stuck inside the pipes and cause your toilet to clog and overflow of water when flushing. It’s best if you throw them in the bin.

To avoid clogging of your outdoor storm drainage, keep a regular cleaning schedule to free it from leaves and other garden waste. An unmaintained yard can cause obstructions in the drain during rainfall. Another way to keep the leaves at bay is to have a compost heap for them.

Should you experience drain blockage and unable to fix it yourself, you will need to contact a professional to find the cause and have it repaired. A plumbing professional has the necessary experience and tools to find even the drains that are hard to access.

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