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What are the Common Plumbing Issues in Homes

Homeowners are bound to experience an occasional drain clogging or leak even though their pipe lines are regularly inspected and maintained. If you like to know what are the common plumbing issues in homes, listed below are some of them and their corresponding solutions.

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Dripping Faucets

A dripping faucet is not only a hassle when you’re sleeping, but it can also harm your budget. If left unfixed it can increase your water bill and have gallons of unused water. A dripping faucet happens when the rubber washers wear off or become damaged. The longer they are used, they won’t be a s effective in forming a water tight seal in the faucet. You can replace the washer yourself or you can call a plumber to do it for you. There are ceramic faucets that don’t use rubber washers. Although they don’t need replacement as often, repairing it is more difficult and is best left for professionals.

Low Water Pressure

When the volume of water flowing from your faucet is in trickles and runs very slowly, it means you have low water pressure. It’s not a drainage problem, but the issue is with your city water supply. Another cause of this problem is when mineral deposits build up on your supply pipes.

Most faucets have aerators or filters that prevent minerals from passing though the tap. You can clean them easily by removing the aerator and soaking it in a vinegar solution overnight. The vinegar helps dissolve the mineral deposits in the aerator.

The last probable reason is a water leak in the supply pipes or a pipe had burst. Call a plumber if such is the case.

Running Toilet Water

This usually happens when the flapper valve inside the tank has work off, allowing water to continuously flow through the tank to the bowl. Another reason is when the float valve is imbalanced or when the fill tube is loosened. You can easily fix this by replacing the defective parts.

Leaky Pipes

Pipe leaks usually occur at joints. They can be fixed temporarily with joint fillers and plumbers tape. However, major leaks may mean replacement of the entire length of the pipe and its fittings.

If it’s a plumbing emergency and you’re waiting for the plumber to arrive, use a compression clamp on rubber sheet to prevent flooding of the area.

Slow or Clogged Drains

You can tell it’s a clogged drain when the water that goes into the sink or toilet stays there or drains slowly. When this happens, you can try fixing it with a plunger. Plungers use air pressure to remove a clog.

Another way to fix slow or clogged drains is with the use of drain cleaners. They are not meant to be used often because drain cleaners have caustic chemicals that can damage the pipe lines. If the clogging happens often, you may need to ask a plumber to check it. The clogging may be caused by an obstruction deeper down the pipes. Installing drain screens are a good way to prevent debris from getting into the drain.

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