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What are Some Ideas for Septic Tank Safety

Many individuals accidentally fall into septic tanks. Victims of such accidents often survive with no or minor injuries. A striking reminder for the regular check on your septic system could be the loss of a child’s life. Besides that, precautions are essential when nearing septic tanks due to other numerous potential risks.
What are some ideas for septic tank safety? Check the list below.

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    Be certain about the safety of your septic tank covers so as to prevent accidents of someone falling into it.

  2. Be aware and alert to the location of your septic system covers and examine the state of the covers for issues regularly. Repair the covers and replace damaged parts to maintain their security assurance. Firmly lock the lids to prevent easy access while increasing safety. Driving or parking vehicles over septic covers can destroy the cover and so is highly unadvisable. Always pay attention to open lids especially during inspection or pumping. After the inspection or pumping ensure the covers are subsequently secured.

  3. Avoid entering or recovering people from a tank

  4. Entering a tank is strictly reserved only for trained personnel with special equipment such as a special self-contained breathing tools. In cases of accidents, avoid going into retrieving anyone who has fallen into a tank without the necessary equipment especially the self-contained equipment for breathing. Call emergency services and rather place fans around the opening of the tank to increase the supply of fresh air. This gives the victim of the accident more time while waiting for professionals to come to his/her rescue.

  5. Avoid bending towards tank opening.

  6. Don’t bend towards septic tank openings. Just the gases could knock you out leading to lethal outcomes as you might fall into the tank.

  7. Avoid lighting flames beside septic systems

  8. The substances contained in septic tanks combine to produce explosive Methane gas. Don’t bring flames and lit cigarettes close to septic systems. Small flames could lead to very hazardous fire outcomes when brought in the environs of septic tanks.

  9. Increase alertness to electrical risks and shock

  10. Always lookout for covered electrical or mechanical lines when digging. Tampering with these lines near a septic tank can be really unsafe for the people living in that neighborhood.

  11. Don’t keep heavy machinery over septic systems

  12. Parking or moving heavy machinery over septic systems can cause compression and excessive stress that lead to broken pipes and leaks that can be very expensive to repair.

Contact Cape Town’s health department whenever you face difficulties in locating the opening of your septic system. They usually have maps from the permits issued for septic systems. A professional septic system company with experience in the location of hard-to-find tanks can then be contacted when the health department doesn’t have file records. Such companies also help with buried septic systems without surface openings at all.

To ensure the safety of your family, take the right precautions that guarantee the security and proper functioning of your septic system. Contact the septic service in your area whenever in doubt so you can get adequate assistance and tips for safely handling your septic tank.

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