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What are High Pressure Drain Cleaners?

If you understand how complicated your plumbing system is, then you also understand how hard it is to clean your drains. Just imagine. Day after day, your drains serve as the passageway for hundreds of gallons of water every single day, as well as a lot of the wastes that you dump into your sinks, your toilets, and all other drains around the home. This is also why it should not come as a surprise that cleaning it all up takes a lot of time and effort, something that no ordinary tool can accomplish.

This is where the power of high pressure drain cleaners come in.

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What are high pressure drain cleaners?

From the term itself, these cleaners allow you to clean your drains using a concentrated amount of pressure. It may all sound fancy and scientific, but in reality, it’s just a simple water pump that uses an electric motor so that water can be sprayed through a trigger gun at the highest possible pressure.

But while the concept behind how high pressure drain cleaners work is pretty straightforward, using it to clean your drains is another story altogether.

What happens when drains are not cleaned?

When drains are not cleaned, there is a huge chance that all the dirt and grime that goes into it will eventually accumulate. This could cause a number of things to happen:

Blocked drains

All the hair from the shower drains, the small food particles in your sink, and all other things that you thought didn’t matter could come together at any part of your drains and block up the passageway, causing a major plumbing emergency.

Drain backups

With all that waste and water having nowhere else to go, what do you think will happen? Everything will find a new passageway, which leads it back to the drain and back out inside your home.

Burst pipes

When a huge blockage is found anywhere in your pipes, there is a huge chance of the water pressure increasing, which can cause not only leaks, but burst pipes as well.

Simply put, cleaning up your drains is something that has to be done.

Tips in Cleaning Your Drains Using a High Pressure Drain Cleaner

Now that the need to clean your drains is established, here are some tips to make the process more efficient for you:

Have it done regularly

You can just imagine the amount of dirt and waste that could accumulate in your drains. Because of this, you have to clear that up before all the waste catches up with each other and forms a blockage.

Have it done by experts

A high pressure drain cleaner may look simple to operate, but using it on your drains the wrong way could end in disaster. To make sure the cleaning is done the right way, just call your trusted plumber and let them do it for you. The last thing you need is more plumbing problems just because you cleaned your drains the wrong way.

High pressure drain cleaners are definitely the way to go when it comes to maintaining your plumbing system. With a topnotch plumber to do the job for you, you can make sure that everything goes as smoothly as you want.

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