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Water Leak Detection Techniques & Steps

Water leak detection can be a problem for homeowners. You would not want to pay the plumber to come around if there is no obvious problem. You suspect there could be a leak somewhere but you are not really sure about what is happening, or if it is just a part of a more complicated problem. Do you want to know how to figure out leakages that can lead to a bigger water damage to your home? We know what you need to know. Listed below are three popular ways of detecting water leakages in your home.

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The first thing to do is to ensure that no one uses water both inside and outside. Make sure that you do not use water at all. This might not work well if you have a sink on. After you have ensured that water is not being used in the house, check your water meter to see if the meter is moving. If you find the meter moving, most possibly you have a water leakage. To be very sure that you read the meter right, you can check back after a couple of hours to know if it is still moving, however you still must ensure water is not being used in the house.

This is the easiest way to figure out an invisible leak, because you do not need to get your hands dirty at all. If you turn off the water valve in the house and the meter ceases to move, that means the leak is from inside, but if you turn off the water valve and the meter keeps moving, then the leak is from outside. Perform the test and call a plumber to come and work on the problem.


Another suitable way to figure out a leak is to listen carefully for any hissing sound. This sound usually indicates that pressure is being released somewhere, and whenever pressure is getting released in a water system, then water might be getting released too. Remove the covering of the top of your toilet and listen carefully, If there is a hissing sound, you may have detected where it is leaking. With this, you can know if it is something you can do by yourself or if you will need the help of a professional plumber who knows how to fix it. Run this diagnosis in all the toilets to know if you have more than one leaking points in your house.


If you notice abnormal moisture in a place around your house, there might be a leak somewhere around the house. The water does not necessarily have to be a constant stream of water for it to be considered a leak, it can be just a standing puddle. Begin from the basement if your house has one and move up from there. If you hear the sound of running water, you might need to get the services of a plumber.

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