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Water Leak Detection in Buildings

Unnoticed water leak is the biggest challenge confronting the safety of structures. In cases where water leak in a structure is unnoticed for a long time, the groundwork of the structure, relevant amenities and overall safety of the structure will be put at risk. Water leak detection in buildings is needed to prevent this problem. Our expertise in water leak detection will help identify and cut off leaks in the spray systems, domestic lines and boiler systems.

Water leaks are very hard to find because they often happen beneath the ground and does not create moisture signs in the same position above the ground.

Table of Contents

Water leak sensors

To tackle the challenge of water leaks, landlords, supervisors and engineers of Multi-storey building, have begun a movement towards the use of water leak sensors. A number of these inventions are effective for residential homes and specialized operations but these inventions cannot be optimized for multi-storey purposes. The newest technology reduces the extent of hazard for massive structures while safeguarding belongings with the aid of contemporary equipment.


The new wireless sensor approach to water leaks eliminates the former challenges and it is applicable to a variety of structures. Installation of these sensors can easily be personalized to meet the requirements of a new or existing structure. This sensor gives timely alerts on water leaks which would be communicated via electronic mail, telephone calls, and SMS to supervisors.


Sensors are positioned in the location of impending leaks such as sinks, cooling systems, lavatories, drains and so on. Cloud based operations makes it easy to activate the sensors for structures with numerous apartments. The telephone warning from various apartments will be pooled into one entryway allowing building supervisors to observe developments.


An automated approach to water leaks is also an effective way to handle any possible problems. Automated water leaks will allow for very fast alert signals to be sent. Automation is also relevant when you need to cut-off water supply immediately to avoid significant damage.

Experts can easily recognize parts of a structure that are very suitable for wireless leak detection. Usually, wireless leak detection system is great for a variety of structures and comes with a one year warranty money back policy.

Guidelines on selecting a system

An evaluation of the structure should be the first step. This will give you a clear insight into the structures requirements. You must find out the parts of the structure where water leaks happen frequently and crucial parts of the structure that must be safeguarded. Then you will decide whether to safeguard general parts of the structure, resident apartments, or a combination of the two. Afterwards, you must check to see if the use of automatic seal up valves is required for emergencies.

After you are finished with the selection process, you will now explore various alternatives. For cost-effective alternatives, a separate system for each occupant’s apartment is a better choice. The disadvantage of this arrangement is that it relies on the timely response of occupants to leak situations and occupants could be negligent.

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