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Tips on How to Avoid Plumbing Emergencies

What’s one of the worst things about a plumbing emergency in Cape Town? It can strike at any time of day, no matter how inconvenient. Unfortunately, when a plumbing emergency hits, you must react quickly to avoid any further damage. However, by having a regular maintenance routine, you can prepare for emergencies to lower the chance of damages versus reacting to the situation.

Below are 5 tips to help you avoid plumbing emergencies in the first place.

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Dispose of Grease Properly

Pouring grease down the drain may not cause any issues at that moment. But prolonged use will result in the grease hardening as it cools. The more grease you pour down the drain, the more it will solidify and build up around the pipes, eventually leading to a clog. Instead, pour used oil or grease in a container that can withstand the heat before disposing of it in the garbage.

Quick Cleans Don’t Work

How often do you see commercials for those drop-in toilet bowl cleaners in the hopes it will make cleaning the bathroom easier? Well, you may think it will save you time cleaning, but it will ultimately lead to damaging the pipes. Those bowl cleaners are full of tough chemicals that cut through all the nasty stuff built up in the toilet bowl. They are so strong that they can cause the pipes to corrode. Used long enough, that corrosion will damage the pipes enough that they could burst.

Don’t Abuse Your Garbage Disposal

The garbage disposal is a great invention, but not one to rely on for every scrap in your kitchen. When the blades cut up food debris, it still has to go somewhere. Everything you put down the garbage disposal will go into the pipes. So, if you think putting down large chunks of food is a good idea, just remember where everything ends up. If you’re careless with the garbage disposal, you’ll be in for an awakening when you come home to a plumbing emergency.

Avoid DIY Fixes if You’re Not Trained

Do it yourself fixes seem like a great idea at the time, until you dive in and start pulling things apart. You’re then faced with more parts than you realized. Plumbing systems should be left to the professionals. Poor repairs and maintenance routines will ultimately lead to more plumbing issues down the road. So, that money you thought you saved by fixing the pipe issue yourself? It will likely cost you more later on when you have major problems. Remember, plumbers go through training for a reason.

Don’t Forget Your Maintenance Checklist

First, do you have a plumbing maintenance checklist? If you don’t, you should. Regular maintenance is an excellent preventative measure for avoiding a plumbing emergency. Plan out a maintenance routine with your plumber and make sure to go through it every year.

With these tips on how to avoid plumbing emergencies, you can trying breathing easier. Knowing that you have minimized the chances of needing an emergency plumber can definitely help you sleep better at night.

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