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Signs You Have a Plumbing Emergency

Many houses encounter plumbing issues at some point, though some might not even know that a plumbing emergency has occurred. It is very important that you discover any plumbing issue on time, because whether the issue is a minor or major one, they can both lead to a more complicated problem if not discovered, addressed and resolved on time.
Serious attention must be paid to the plumbing system by the owners of every home because the smallest signal can indicate that there is a problem in your plumbing system. Do not neglect minor issues and learn to treat them with urgency. You need to take note when you see any of the 5 signs you need an emergency plumber below:

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  2. Do you keep wondering why your water bill at home is always on the high side? There might possibly be a leaking pipe somewhere that you do not know of. You should observe closely and with keen attention each time you pay for your water bill. Make sure you keep track of it and whenever you find the bill increasing, it means you should get your plumbing system checked and get a plumber to repair it.


  4. This is the most common sign that can be noticed as soon as it shows itself. If the water coming out of your tap has a strange color, then this might be a sign for you to get a plumber immediately. To avoid health problems, it should be treated with urgency and fixed as soon as possible. Rust, blocked drain or corrosion might be the reason behind the discoloration.


  6. Another factor that leads to plumbing issue is a blocked drain. This is mostly caused by food remnants that escape through the kitchen sink into the drain. With this, water will start to accumulate in your sink and it won’t go away on time. At times, the water from the sink might over flow and get to your kitchen or bathroom floor.


  8. Always ensure that the water system in the toilet works perfectly every time as it is the most used area of the house. It is not a good thing to experience a weak flush. Cleaning the toilet per use is the ideal thing to do. It is not okay for someone to walk into the toilet to see your own mess. A weak toilet flush is another indicator that you might be having a plumbing problem.


  10. You must not neglect the bad sewer-like smell in your house. It is also an indicator that something is wrong in the plumbing system. It could be in form of a foul smell or a rusty odour from the drain. It needs urgent attention so as to prevent corrosion from occurring. This is the most dangerous indicator that your plumbing system needs to be checked.

Home owners should ensure they pay attention to all plumbing issues. Call an emergency plumber immediately when anything occurs to save your home.

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