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Is a Blocked Drain Covered by Insurance?

Floods, earthquakes and calamities happen to cities every now and then. You would be lucky to survive all of it. It would also be fortunate if you have an insurance cover to recover your home should it be affected. If you’re not sure, it’s best to check the fine print. With a lot of things being covered by the insurance company, you’re probably not sure what to look for.
Aside from flood and other unfortunate events, there are other things that you should check if they’re included in your insurance cover. You should do this ahead of time, instead of looking for it when you need it the most. By then it’s too late.

When it comes to your home, repair of plumbing problems should be included in your insurance coverages. Some of these issues are leaking pipes, blocked drains and leaking tanks. Although it’s normal for the repair of your property after a disaster to be included, other home problems that could cause hassles are considered additional requests. Ask your insurance provider about covering home plumbing repairs from locating and detecting to repairing and cleaning up.

I will discuss each common plumbing issue below. Know more about them here and then look at your insurance policy and see if you are fully or partially covered, or if you need to add them.

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Pipes Leaks or Burst Pipes

Pipe leaks can happen without you noticing. Leaks in water and drain pipes can damage your ceiling, walls, and wood and carpet flooring. The early signs of a leaking pipe would be water stains on the walls or ceiling. Getting the services of a plumber will let you know where the leak is detected, as they have the expertise in finding the source of the leak.

For the pipe to be repaired, the plumber will need to demolish a portion of the wall or ceiling. Your insurance should cover not only the detection and repair, but also the restoration of demolished walls and ceiling.

Blocked Drains at Pipes, Sinks or Toilets

Damaged sewer lines can bring out the worst into your home. They are repulsive and unsanitary. If this happens, your plumber would need to unblock the drains and use a drain camera to find the location of the blockage. Once the source of the problem is found, he will need to open the floor and dig to access the pipe. He will also need to replace the damage sewer line. This will cost you a lot of money if you’re not insured. Is blocked drain covered by insurance? Yes, as long as you ask the insurer to add it. Make sure you factor in the cost for the material on your deck or pavement.

Leaking Water Tanks

Repair or replacement of water tanks is rarely included in insurance policies. This is another problem that should be included in your policy. Aside from repair of the tank itself, the restoration of the surrounding structure should also be factored in.

Reading the fine print of your insurance policy is something that you would not normally do. But taking the time now will save your home in the future. Let’s hope that you will find an insurance company that will cover everything for you.

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