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How to Survive Kitchen Renovation

Whether it’s a slight renovation or major refurbishing, to live without a kitchen can be quite frustrating and can lead to an expensive lifestyle. You might eventually spend part of the money you set aside for renovation on eating out if not careful. But with proper planning, you can overcome and even make your kitchen renovation a fun filled experience. Here are some tips on how to survive kitchen renovation.

  • Make plans to set a mini kitchen up either in your basement or garage. You can seek help from your contractor. Use part of the old cabinet to set up a kitchen for the meantime. In case the counter top on the old cabinet is worn out, you can place plywood on it so as to have somewhere to put small kitchen appliances.
  • Design a bulletin board and place it in your mini kitchen to keep track of the progress of your kitchen work. Take pictures from time to time and mark your calendar and checklist as you progress from one step to the other. This will keep reassuring you that you will soon achieve the goal of having a new kitchen. The process will not be as fast as you expect, so you need patience.
  • Arrange kitchen utensils that are regularly used in a plastic container and name each of them. This would save you the stress of looking for them when needed. Keep and put aside the stuffs you do not use often elsewhere.
  • If your freezer would still be in your mini kitchen during the remodeling, then you can prepare meals in large quantity and dish them in smaller portion. With this, you can just defrost and reheat per meal.
  • You can ask a friend to cook for you in their own kitchen. They will be excited if you are the one coming with the food to cook.
  • You might get lucky for your renovation to occur during the warm weather barbecue season. If putting your pot on the grill bothers you, just rub a bar soap on the sides and bottom and you’ll easily wash the black soot off.
  • Before you start your remodeling work, make sure to save money for eating out. Start clipping restaurant and take out coupons. This would enable you have enough savings for your kitchen renovation.
  • Make picnic plans. Even if the weather is not suitable, you can do it in your own living room. The beauty of this is that there won’t be ants disturbing you.
  • Devise new methods of making sandwich. You can get panini makers; they are handy and affordable.
  • You can buy or borrow a camping cooking stove from a friend. Fairly used stoves can be found on the internet at cheaper rate.
  • All breakable and expensive stuffs should be kept far away from the kitchen that is being renovated. This will ensure nothing gets destroyed by the work crew during the process of moving their equipment in and out of the house.
  • Lay out the path the work crew will use from the front door to the kitchen. You can cover the path with old rugs and carpet.
  • Keep all pets out of the way so they do not get hurt or disturb the work being done.

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