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How To Plan Kitchen Renovation

After you have made up your mind to give your kitchen a face lift by renovating it, you might be confused on where to start or how to even start. Some might start by looking out for appliances, while others might even start by collecting photos of kitchens. Some might decide to have an additional room while some just want to boost their kitchen standard. Lot of homeowners might be in this phase for a year or more before they start looking out for kitchen designers and contractors.
After you have given it a deep thought and you have finally concluded on having a kitchen renovation, here are five steps on how to plan kitchen renovation.

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  2. Here, it is all about the way and how you use your kitchen, and finding the specifications that suit you family. You can also source for ideas from home renovation stores and online. Reflect on the things you consider most important like the number of people that will be using the kitchen and the ease of movement in there. Do you need more space or you are okay with the current kitchen size? You can start to search for kitchen ideas that suit your taste.


  4. Are you ready to start the project? Budget and project formulation is the most suitable way to start. You can later change your mind as time goes by and as you have more knowledge on what you can afford and what you actually want. You are expected to know the financial implications of this before starting. It is a continuous process of learning.


  6. At some point, you will have to hire the services of a professional designer and general contractor even if all you want to do is the electrical, plumbing and construction work on your own.
    Some people go to cabinet show rooms to check out different designs. Majority of home owners hire professionals based on the referral they get from friends or colleagues. Some might hire a designer or architect to assist in their kitchen planning while some work on the design on their own with a contractor. These professionals are there to assist you with everything ranging from budgets to contracts and permits to shopping, ordering products, choosing finishes and fixtures and also helping you arrange a mini kitchen and handling your project from beginning till end.


  8. This stage is all about space planning, sketches, layout, cabinet sizes and so on. Pay more attention to space planning and layout. Start interviewing contractors on time and let them understand the scope of work.


  10. You might have stored a large collection of kitchen ideas that you love during this period. You have found the design you want either traditional, personal or cottage style. You know if you want a colourful kitchen or plain white or just natural wood. This is the time to finalize on the material, fixture and appliances that you will use.

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