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How to Drain Blocked Dishwasher in 6 Easy Steps

There are many personal measures you can take to fix your blocked dishwasher before getting expert assistance or buying a new dishwasher. Listed below is an orderly approach on how to drain blocked dishwasher.

  1. Table of Contents

    Ensure safety measures

  2. You must make sure that power supply to the machines you would be working on is disconnected or switched off completely. Dishwashers are often wet and this makes it much more dangerous than the garbage disposal. Always ensure safety measures by cutting off power supply to both devices before you start any operations. Failure to cut off electric supply could have very dire consequences and could be life threatening. Always remember to put your safety first. Once you’ve done this, you can now proceed to the next step.

  3. Remove water from the dishwasher

  4. This is the second step and it simply involves removing water from the dishwasher. It is best to use two containers. The larger container would be placed on the dishwasher’s cover and the other would be used to take water out of the dishwasher into the larger container. Once the larger container is full, you discard it and repeat the process again until the dishwasher is water free. Always use rubber containers for safety.

  5. Inspect Drain pipe

  6. The drain pipe that connects to the waste disposal could be clogged. For a proper inspection, it would help to remove the dishwasher from the wall. The dishwasher’s handbook will help you uncover the waste pipe faster. After detecting the pipe, you need to scrape out all of the debris using a straight hook. After removing any debris in the pipe, you will now reattach the pipe and see if it works. If the drainage challenge continues, then it is most likely that your dishwasher drain has a problem.

  7. Inspect Your Dishwasher Drain

  8. To make this process easy, your dishwasher manual is needed to identify the precise position of the dishwasher drain. The dishwasher drain and filter should be removed for cleaning. This would entail removing any obstruction with a straightened wire hook. For a thorough clean, a combination of baking soda and vinegar should be applied to get rid of hardened junk.

  9. Inspect sink for obstructions

  10. The sink needs to be inspected when the dishwasher waste pipe is attached to sink waste drain. In this case, sink obstructions will make it hard for your dishwasher to drain as it should be.

  11. Reattach the drain and switch it on

  12. After carrying out all of these actions accordingly, you can be sure that your blocked dishwasher is free from any obstruction and ready to work effectively. The final action is to reattach the drain, pipes and plug and then switch it on.

You don’t need expert help any time you have a minor drain glitch. Implement the following actions on how to drain blocked dishwasher for great results. If the drain problem persists, you can seek the help of an expert plumber.

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