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Best Approaches to Water Leak Detection in Walls

Water leaks are very rarely detected and it is directly responsible substantial water wastage in homes. Expectedly, many people are unaware of the fact that there is a leakage until serious damage has occurred in many areas of the building. Water leaks are very common and they are usually characterized by tiny leaks in conduits, drain fittings and machines. This situation is often complicated when the leaks occur in walls because it is rarely noticed thus allowing plenty of water wastage.

When water leaks in your walls go unseen or unattended for a long time, your house will be at risk of severe water destruction. However, you can always pick up on some indirect indications that are suggestive of a water leak. Some of these indirect indications are contained below:

  • Mold is one of the common indications of a possible leak. Mold and growths thrive in environments that are cold and wet. When you identify a mould or growth in any part of your home, there is a chance that a water leak could be responsible.
  • Paint Shedding is another indication that there could be a water leak in your house. Paint shedding is usually shows that the water leak has been happening for some time and requires the intervention of an expert plumber.
  • A damp appearance on the wall for no obvious reason.
  • Cracks are also suggestive of a possible water leak.
  • When you get a stuffy whiff in a particular part of home, it is an indication that there could be a leak that is responsible for creating this odour. This odour is produced when the water soaks up cement walls.

In cases where there are no apparent indications but you have a hunch that there is a water leak, a water meter may come in handy. For proper use of the water meter, here are some effective rules to follow:

  • Every water equipment should be switched off completely
  • Look at the water meter and write down the number
  • Give it a few hours and refrain from using water during the period
  • Look at the water meter to determine the number again. A rise is suggestive of a water leak. When there are no leaks from any water equipment or taps, it becomes clear that there is an unseen water leak

You can also explore these methods to find a leak:

  • Watch out for the circumstances surrounding the leak. When you notice a leak anytime it rains then you know where to look.
  • While this method may seem somewhat crude, you can listen closely to the walls to see if there is a possible leak. You can follow the sound until you identify the source of the leak.

All of these methods will help you in water leak detection in walls that may be troubling your home. If you cannot seem to find a water leak and you are absolutely convinced that you have a leak, you should get the help of an expert plumber in Cape Town.

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