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How to a Drain Blocked Toilet

Are you having a clogging problems and wondering how to drain a blocked toilet? You’ve come to the right place. Even if you don’t have any experience when it comes to toilet repair, here are certain steps that you can take to fix the problem. With the use of the right tools and a bit of trial and error, your toilet will be back to normal in no time. Let’s begin.

Table of Contents

Step 1. Go and Take the Plunger

A clogged toilet can manifest in many ways. The obvious one is total blockage, wherein water will fill the bowl and even start to overflow. When this happens, wait for the water level to lower after 10 or more minutes, and then use the plunger.

The second manifestation is the slow drain. After flushing, water will fill the bowl but it will drain slowly, not being able to flush down the waste. In this case, you can only tell there’s a clog when you flush the toilet. If you suspect a drain problem, reach for a plunger.

A rubber plunger is recommended because it provides a better seal and siphoning power. To use, simply push in and out continuously. Just leave enough water in the bowl to submerge the plunger. When you’re done, mop out excess water that splashes on the floor.

Step 2. Let the Snake Work It

You may have used the plunger correctly but it still failed to clear the clog. It may still be totally blocked or it may still be draining slowly. If such is the case, then it’s time to use a drain snake.

A drain snake is a metal wire with a corscrew-loolong tip. You can push it into the sink, toilet, or pipes until it encounters the debris that causes the clogging.

Turning the snake clockwise continuously will break the debris and allows it to flow through the pipe. Alternatively, it can catch the debris so you can pull it up and throw it away.

Even a cheap drain snake can clear a toilet clog. An auger is an upgraded version of a snake that can bend further and still hook or break the debris. It has a rubber sleeve to prevent it from scratching the bowl.

Step 3. Remove the Toilet Bowl

This is the last and major thing that you should do if the plunger and the snake still doesn’t work. It will take more effort and you will have to work on it for many hours.

Turn off the main water suply first. Remove the tank and then unscrew the toilet bowl from the mounting ring on the floor. This should get you to the root of the problem.

When reintalling the toilet, you need to buy a wax ring and mounting bolts to firmly place it on the floor.

If the toilet clogging problem is not an isolated case, meaning other fixtures are also experiencing the same problem, then you need to contact a plumber experienced in drain unblocking.

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