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How Much Small Kitchen Renovation Budget is Needed

If you are looking towards renovating your kitchen, you are definitely looking to renovate it in a way that won’t cost you much, look befitting for your home and yet make your home look much better. A kitchen remodeling could take more than your budget if you aren’t careful. But luckily, there are some tips here that will help you get the best of your kitchen remodeling while still helping you to keep to your budget.
Retain your current cabinets if possible. New cabinets are often the most expensive things when remodeling a kitchen. If your cabinets are okay and they are still in style, you can just resurface them.All you need to do is add a few coats of paints to the cabinets and your cabinet is as good as new. When you resurface and paint your cabinet, you give them a new lease of life while spending as little as possible. Just remember to take all the proper steps to ensure that you have a beautiful finish.

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    Get ready-to-assemble cabinets

  2. If you are going for custom cabinets that are built specifically for your kitchen, you might spend more than your budget. Your budget determines how much small kitchen renovation you need to do. You could rather opt for ready-to-assemble cabinets. The cabinets have various costs. When you start adding exotic finishes and some other intricate details, you risk spending more and adding to the delivery date.

  3. Get a different countertop material

  4. There are various countertops you can select from. They include concrete, stone, recyclable products, solid surfaces, tile and others. Granite is a nice choice but quite expensive. If your budget can’t fit in granite you can try laminate and other cheaper options.

  5. Go for a cutout rather than removing a wall

  6. A lot of homeowners want to create an open floor plan by opening up the space between the living room and the kitchen. If you remove a wall, you might need to cut into the ceiling, floor and other walls. But you could opt for a cutout to save a lot of money. A cutout opens up space as you want and still allows for extra countertop space and gives you space to sit more people. You will still need to arrange the cutout to fit in plumbing and other mechanics but you won’t need to repair the ceiling and floor. This will save you a lot of money.

  7. Do not move appliances

  8. If you need to get new cabinets, do not move your appliances. It’s best you keep them where they are because if you move the electrical and mechanical appliances, you will be spending a lot of money. You might also need to cut the ceiling and the wall to expose the mechanicals if you are moving the appliances.

Use track lighting instead of recessed lighting: If you are thinking of adding recessed lighting, you might spend more than you intended to. You will need to cut holes into the ceiling, repair it back and do some extra electrical wiring. It’s better if you go for track lighting to save money. You can get the tracked lighting in various shapes, finishes and styles.

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