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How Much Should Plumbing a Bathroom cost?

Although plumbing is presented as the most expensive area during a full bathroom remodel, taking a closer look shows that remodelling could provide the high returns on investment upon resale. This costs guide pertains to how much should plumbing a bathroom cost for a bathroom size of around 40 sq.ft.

Table of Contents

Cost breakdown


The typical rates for hiring professional plumbers fall between R$550 and R$850 per hour. Full plumbing jobs that include planning, preparation of the site, toilet fitting and installation; bathtub, sink and shower; all fixture connections to existing plumbing, and final clean-up of the site.

Materials and supplies

Materials and supplies basically needed for the completion of a bathroom’s plumbing include fittings, adhesives, sealers and finishes.

It’s a good idea to sometimes sort to hiring a professional to perform tasks you lack the preparedness to perform by yourself. This may be due to lack of experience or time to do the job yourself.

Hiring someone to fit out or totally remodel your bathroom is one of those jobs where a professional’s help is ideal.

Top 7 tips for Hiring and Working with Plumbers and Other Tradesmen


Always ask recommendations from tradesmen you hire to get people for your other jobs. Tradesmen establish great connections with each other and they happen to meet many different sorts of people in their business. Most plumbers are bound to know at least a very good tiler while every painter knows at least a good builder.


When placing orders for your jobs, request for discounts through your tradesman on the items you purchase (paint, tiles, shower units, bathroom suite etc.) These items must be bought from somewhere and your tradesman may be able and willing to provide you with their trade discount especially if you ask.

Waste removal

Always clear up waste before work begins – who then takes care of the waste? Tradesmen are paid extra for waste removal and legal dumping. Disposing of the waste by yourself saves up some money for you. You could hire a van or a skip for a few hours or even take it with your car to the local tip.

Find out about the minimum charge

Laborers tend to charge for a few hours even when your work needs far less than an hour because they hate too much movement for relatively little pay.

Find out whatever can be done to reduce your costs

An example can be a tiler charging less when the old tiles are removed and the walls gotten almost ready for tiling by you.

Ask about their experience

Nobody prefers the service of someone fresh from college without so much field experience in their precious bathroom. This doesn’t imply they are incompetent but only backs the idea that people with more experience find it easier to come up with solutions to problems that arise during work.


Avoid full payment until the job is complete and you’re satisfied with the service. Some traders don’t demand even a deposit.

These tips are clearly cited with the aim of providing helpful information that gives insight into the full or part payment for new bathroom installation.

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