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How Much Do Emergency Plumbers Cost?

A plumbing emergency can hit anyone at any time, and if it happens to you, the first thing that could come into your mind is “How much do emergency plumbers cost?”. You may have heard along the way that plumbing work is prohibitively expensive and worry that paying for the job might break the bank! Rest assured, if you have to call a plumber to attend to an emergency situation, it could cost much less than you think.

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Emergency plumber payment schedule options

There are 2 kinds of payment schedules when it comes to dealing with plumbers. One is a fixed rate charge, while the other is an hourly rate charge. If the emergency work which needs to be done is a relatively small job like a blocked drain or leaking pipes, then a fixed rate would be the better option. In most cases there will be a callout charge for the plumber to come out and give you an estimate of how much it will cost. If you opt for a fixed rate cost for the job and give the go-ahead, he will get the work done whether it takes 10 minutes or 2 hours.

Choosing a fixed rate will also eliminate the worry that an unscrupulous plumber might string out the hours to get extra money out of you by inflating the charges.

What should an emergency plumber charge?

The plumbing industry have recommended a service rate per hour of ZAR350 to ZAR680. This service fee generally excludes a call out fee, based on travel costs, which can be charged. Service charges also exclude any materials supplied by the plumber.

There are legitimate plumbing contractors who will charge a service fee which is substantially lower than the recommended rate. They are at liberty to do this as individual companies are permitted to set their own rates. This also applies to a fixed rate job and it would be beneficial to find a plumber who is ready and able to deal with any plumbing issue, big or small.

Various plumbers also offer a no-call-out fee service. Many also have special office hour rates whereby you pay in full for the first hour, and thereafter only pay per half hour. After hour rates will obviously cost more per hour. If you opt for an hourly rate, which is usually only for the labour charge, make sure that the charge is less than, or between the industry recommended range of ZAR350 to ZAR680. Also get an estimate of the cost of the materials you may be required to pay for.

Don’t hire on cost alone.

It is always best to hire a trained, professional plumber with a good service record, for any plumbing emergency whether it be a broken tap, a leaking toilet or something more serious. A reputable plumber will get it up and running at a reasonable cost, with workmanship that is guaranteed. A cheaper, shoddy job could cost you much more in the long run and there may not be any guarantees!

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