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How Does A Drain Camera Work

How Does a Drain Camera Work?

Sewer problems can be a homeowner’s worst nightmare. To begin with, sewer water is not the kind of liquid you want backing up into your home. It’s full of bacteria that can cause infections. Unfortunately, sewer issues can happen to any homeowner at any time.

As technology advances for common household problems, it makes it easier to diagnose and fix the issue quickly and efficiently. Drain cameras are something that can prevent you from having to dig up your yard to correct a sewer issue.

Save time and money by first going with a drain camera to scope out the situation with your sewer system. Plumbers Cape Town can efficiently diagnose your sewer system issues with our quick drain camera technology,

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How Does a Drain Camera Work?

Drain cameras allow plumbers to see further by inserting a long cable with an attached camera into the sewer line. Lights on the cable brighten up the sewer line while the camera sends a signal back to the plumber to diagnose the problem.

Before a drain camera, plumbers had to dig up the yard to physically see where the system is, how long the lines are, and where everything connects. With the drain camera though, plumbers can successfully map out your entire sewer line without having to cause damage to your property. These cameras are small enough to sneak through any crack in the line that is causing an issue with your sewer system.

The Uses of a Drain Camera

Locating Lines

Drain cameras are useful for a variety of reasons, and locating the sewer lines is one of them. The camera on the cable communicates with the plumber to map out the entire sewer system on your property. He or she can follow the camera in the sewer lines to create a complete layout without digging into the ground.

Drain Issues

If your sewer system isn’t working as it’s designed to work, the drain camera will help determine the cause of the stoppage that is preventing the system from draining. As the camera scopes out the sewer lines, it will be able to see if there is any debris blocking the pipes from draining, or if you have a broken pipe.

Type of Pipes

Using a drain camera will help to determine the type of pipe your sewer system is made from. Typically, the pipes are made out of PVC or cast iron pipe.

Sewer System Connections

Sewer systems have many connections in them as they take the sewage from your property into the city’s waste treatment center. The drain camera will detect all the connections in your sewer lines. Once the plumber knows these connections, he or she can run water to see where everything flows to.

Keep Your Sewage System in Working Condition

If you suspect you have issues with your sewer system, call our 24-hour Plumbers Cape Town line to schedule your inspection. Although using our drain cameras can do wonders for mapping out your sewage system and potentially fixing issues with the lines, the camera, however, cannot detect leaks.

When paired with other methods of determining sewer issues, a drain camera is an excellent tool for maintaining your sewer system. Using a camera can help you avoid unnecessary plumbing repairs that could involve digging up your entire yard.

We use our drain cameras as a first line of defense against sewer line issues. If that is not enough, our plumber’s take the necessary steps to ensure you have a properly working system that won’t cause you any more grief.

Get your sewer system fixed today. Contact us to request a plumber and a drain camera to start determining the problem before it grows into something bigger and messier.

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