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How Do Water Leak Detectors Work?

Are you getting high water bills and you don’t know why?

It is usually very difficult to identify sources of water leaks and in some cases, identifying the source of the leak is not as hard as fixing the leak. Some leaks occur in places where they are very difficult to fix.

There are a lot of factors that can cause leaks; some of which are faulty plumbing fixtures, burst pipe, blocked drain etc and can occur in hidden places such as sewer pipes, behind walls, under slabs etc.

Water leaks have 2 major categories. Water channels supplying fresh water to your home is put under a lot of pressure. This implies that if the pipe can burst anywhere within your facility, it could lead to very serious problems for you and your household.
On the other hand, water leaving your house through the sewer, bathroom, toilet, kitchen, etc is channelled through the stormwater drains and flow under the effects of gravity. This means that the pressure is not as powerful as the first and as such, the leaks are usually slower; except when there is a blocked drain or a very heavy rain.

If you suspect there is a leak in your home, it is best you seek help from the experts, especially if you do not know the source of the leak. We can help you identify leak sources and act swiftly to repair any faulty pipes that may be causing it. We are professionals and we make sure it shows in the way we carry out our services. We make use of top notch equipments to quickly identify the source of leaks and carry out the necessary repair as quickly as possible.
With the aid of a pipe locator, we can check for the exact location of the water line. Also, the use of modern leak detection equipments like electromagnetic pipeline locators and electronic amplification equipment enable us locate all leaks with minimal disruption to your property.

How do water leak detectors work?

Electronic amplification equipment is a modern gadget capable of picking sound waves and transmitting their originating site. They are usually attached to the building security and can identify the sounds made by leaks. The flow of leaked pipes has different frequencies which are determined by the pressure on the pipes. The leak detector picks up leak frequencies and transmits them so they can easily be identified and worked on.

Electromagnetic line locators work by identifying the newly introduced signal in the utility line transmitter or by locating the background signal. Non metal pipes such as conduits, storm drains and sewer pipes can be located by sondes. Sondes are the small transmitters inserted into a pipe, which is what helps the locator by transmitting waves. The location of the pipe is then marked, after which the position of the sondes can be further pushed and into the pipe and the location marked again. This process will be repeated severally until the full section of the desired pipe is known.
Not all leaks may demand immediate service, for instance, a dripping faucet may be ignored for a while, but a broken water line allowing the flow of water into your basement requires immediate attention. We are available for the services that require immediate attention. Our team will be glad to help you identify the source of the leak and act swiftly to repair it.

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