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Do Plumbers Install Water Heaters

Do you have any problem with your water heater and you think it’s time to install a new one? In that case, water heater prices might be your main consideration. But when it comes to installing water heaters there is more to consider than just prices. How about the installation? You might have watched some DIY videos on Youtube about how to install water heaters and think that it’s pretty simple, and then you probably decide to do it yourself. Please think again.
Installing water heaters is actually far than simple, in fact it can be dangerous. Generally there are two types of water heaters; electric water heaters and gas water heaters. With electric water heaters, you have 240 volts of electricity to deal with. That is enough to create a shock that could put you in a hospital or worse. Gas water heaters also carry some serious risks if not handled properly. If the gas leaks, it could lead to a disaster.

Water heaters are not created equally, so the installation process might also require different procedures. Furthermore, water heaters installation also relates to the plumbing system available in the house, so this makes each installation project unique. That said, it’s best to leave the job to a professional.

Now the question is who is the right professional to do this job? Since water heaters relate to the plumbing system, now you might think that you should hire a plumber. But is it true? Do plumbers install water heaters?

The answer is yes. A licensed plumber can definitely help you install your water heater properly and safely. A professional plumber will also make sure that your water heater unit is installed according to the latest local plumbing code. So not only is your water heater installed properly with all its safety features in place, the plumber will also make sure that it’s in line with the regulations.

Hiring a licensed plumber of course will cause you to spend extra cash. The amount would vary depending on the type of water heater as well as the characteristics of the site. However, one thing for sure is that considering the benefits, it’s actually a necessary spending. Not only for safety reasons, but when the water heater is installed properly it will also last longer. Water heater is not cheap, and it’s something that is used on a daily basis in the house. Without proper installation, the unit will not last very long and you will have to spend money repairing or buying and installing a new unit in just a few years. The normal average lifespan of a water heater is 8-12 years, and a licensed plumber can make sure that your water heater will last at least that long. That is of course considering the quality of the water heater you have.

After your water heater is properly installed, you need to know how to use it properly and how to keep its top performance. When you hire a licensed plumber, you will definitely get some great tips on how to use the unit correctly and what kind of regular maintenance should be done to keep it working properly.

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