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Do Bathroom Renovations Increase Home Value?

A car starts loses its value the moment you sit in it for the first time, but a home can double its value by its location alone. This is why homes are always a great investment, especially in a great location like Cape Town. Of course, there are also a number of steps that you can personally take if you want to contribute to your property’s rise in value. Modernizing the bathroom is one of the most common ways to do this.

So do bathroom renovations increase home value?

Of course, they do! Remember that plumbing systems become more updated through time, and interiors design never fails to bring something new to the table. The more updated your bathrooms are, the higher their value is. The high value of these bathrooms would of course translate to the house’s overall value as well.

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What kind of bathroom renovations can you do?

Consider installing new fixtures. After all, you wouldn’t want your bathroom to look outdated and old. There are more technologically advanced shower systems, for example, that could make any potential buyer close the deal right then and there (that is, if you’re planning to sell your house at all).

If you have the space, you can also start taking up more space. Do you want to convert your half-bath into a full bath? Then you would need at least 30 square feet all in all, including the old setup. Planning to add a tub? Do so, by all means.

You may also want to consider updating your interior design. It doesn’t need to be fancy – in fact, a mere repaint could do the trick in livening up an otherwise boring bathroom. You can also consider changing countertops or updating your lighting.

Bathroom Additions

For some homeowners, merely renovating a bathroom just won’t cut it. Sometimes, they find the need to add a bathroom as well. Of course, this automatically adds value to your home. As long as you have the extra space, go for it.

Why add an extra bathroom? Perhaps you often have guests and would need an extra bathroom they could use aside from the one upstairs. Your family may have grown bigger as well, so an additional bathroom could be the solution if you want less fighting over who gets to jump in the shower first.

Things to Consider

Deciding whether you need to renovate any of your bathrooms or add any new ones is a huge step, but it also comes with great rewards. Of course, one of the most important things you should consider is the budget. Do you have enough money to shell out?

Another thing to think about is the space. Bathrooms require a lot of space, especially if you want it to be as functional as possible. There’s no use for a teensy weensy bathroom if you can barely move inside it.

So do bathroom renovations increase home value? Of course, they do! For as long as you have the right budget and the right amount of space, you can lift your home’s value high enough to get a fair return on your investment.

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