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Can a Clogged Drain Cause a Leak?

Clogged drains are common, especially if you aren’t too careful about what goes down you drains. Used oil from cooking can cool and become solid, and all other debris, dirt and grime can get caught in any of the pipes around your home along the way. But what’s the big deal, right? It’s easy enough to call a plumber and have them clean the drain when it gets clogged, right?


More often than not, a lot of other things go on within your entire plumbing system that you don’t know about. For now, let’s start with a simple question – can a clogged drain cause a leak?

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What a Clogged Drain Does

For starters, yes, a clogged drain can definitely cause a leak. With no other way for them to take, all that water will eventually find crevices and other places where it can pass through. This is why aside from the usual pipe joints beneath the kitchen or bathroom sink, you also find leaks in the oddest places. It doesn’t matter where it is – all that water will find a way to get through.

What else happens when you have clogged drains?

Mold happens

When there’s no other way to go, aside from looking for crevices and holes to pass through, some water may also get stuck where it is. And when this happens, molds automatically grow and you will start smelling a musty odor creeping throughout your home. This is not only an uncomfortable place to be in, but an unhealthy one as well.

Pipes may burst

As the clog worsens, the effort of all that water trying to get through would also increase the amount of pressure. This means that at anytime, your pipes could give in and burst. This leads not only to more costs, but to more damage as well.

Your home gets damaged

Yes, the damage goes beyond the pipes. The water will start creeping into the walls, ceilings, floors, and other areas. If you have carpet throughout your home, then expect them to start smelling musty. Expect wooden furniture to start sustaining irreparable damage as well. The same thing goes for wallpaper and paint.


Especially when the rainy season comes in, clogged drains can cause flooding right inside your home. After all, with all the water having nowhere to go, where else would they flow? Right into your home.
Without a doubt, clogged drains can cause major trouble. It’s not just that small problem people often dismiss. Yup, you’ve got a leak here and there. But if you don’t think about what else goes on beyond that, you could find yourself facing unbelievable costs.

So what do you do the moment you find any symptom that signals a clogged drain somewhere? Call your trusted Cape Town plumber right away. Remember that any problem can be solved when given solutions right away. Always have your plumber’s number handy so that you can have them find the root cause, apply a fix, and help you with long-term maintenance as soon as possible.

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