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Budget Bathroom Renovation Ideas

Any kind of home renovation can be a costly exercise, and remodelling your home’s bathroom can also be an expensive project. However the upside is that a new bathroom can add to the resale value of your property, even if it is done on budget lines. Different homeowners renovate their bathrooms for different reasons, which obviously affects the layout and design, all depending on what you can afford. If you know more or less what you can spend, then here are a few budget bathroom renovation ideas.

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Determine your bathroom renovation budget

There are several things you have to bear in mind when finding out what everything costs. Aside from the cost of all the fittings, fixtures, materials and tiles, always take into consideration the labour costs for the plumbing, tiling and electrical work. On average, labour costs comprise about a third of a renovation’s total costs. Get detailed written quotes from contractors who are able to do the job, so that you know exactly what they will do, and charge, for the job at hand. Shop around, and consider some word-of mouth-referrals which could help you decide. Don’t go on price alone, as the lowest quote might not be the best. It could end up costing you more in the long run.

Budget Friendly Bathroom Renovation Ideas

Stick to the original bathroom floor plan

Building alterations like breaking down walls, knocking out windows, will only add to the end cost. The most cost-effective way to remodel your bathroom on a budget is to keep to the original layout and just change all the fixtures, fittings, tiles and flooring.

Choose wisely

Choose less expensive, but still good quality, attractive tiles which fit into your lifestyle. Include some unique additions that will give the bathroom an individual and stylish appeal. Although these additions, perhaps like fancy faucets, towel rails or soap dishes, might cost a bit more, the extra splash-out will be worth it. If the bathroom is relatively small in area, you could also opt for a marble or granite vanity countertop without spending too much.

Update the shower

If you still have the old fabric shower curtain, get rid of it and replace with a glass shower door. If you already have a glass shower door which looks a bit shabby, replace it with a more updated one. The shower hose should be replaced with a more water-efficient model, and the taps could also be upgraded without the need to layout too much money.

Shop around!

The price of items vary from shop to shop, so take your time finding the best prices before you make a selection. You can save time and effort if you go online to do your costing as well as shopping for those special items you require.

Never do any last minute changes to your design or layout once it has been established. This will only cost you more than you anticipated spending. Stick to your renovation budget for best results and a favourable outcome.

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