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17 Creative Kitchen Renovation Ideas

Looking for kitchen renovation ideas? Here are some creative and practical ones that are easy to do.

  1. Use Lighting
  2. Add accent lights for areas that you want highlighted. You can use wall mounted or strip lights to brighten work areas like the sink, counter top and cooktop.

  3. Have a Creative Island Counter
  4. If you want something cozy, have a warm looking island counter. Add shelves on one or both ends for a functional counter, where you can store cutlery, bowls and cookbooks.

  5. Wall Mounted Dish Rack
  6. Have easy access to frequenty used plates with a wall mounted plate rack. This also aids in easy washing.

  7. Style Your Backsplash
  8. A backsplash is not only for a nice accent but it protects the wall from moisture. Get creative by using glass or glass tiles with different colors.

  9. Store Small Appliances
  10. If you can’t keep up with organizing your wares, hiding small appliances inside a cabinet will help you achieve that clean look.

  11. Add a Hutch
  12. A built-in hutch gives you both storage and display space. It also adds personality to your kitchen. Choose a configuration that works for you. You can combine closed cabinetry for hiding clutter with open shelving for displaying your favorite pieces.

  13. Double-Duty Workstation
  14. A kitchen workstation gives kids a dedicated space to study while dinner is being prepared, and can also serve as a place for meal planning. Even a small, otherwise unused area can be transformed into a desk with careful planning.

  15. Customized Cabinet Features
  16. You can add special cabinet features to make your kitchen very neat and organized. Some cabinets have wine bottle and wine glass holders for practical storage.

  17. Faucet for Pot-Filling
  18. You won’t need to carry heavy pots from the sink to the stove. This wall mounted faucet that sits directly on top of the stove will do wonders.

  19. Special Wine Storage
  20. Chill your wine with a small wine refrigerator. It keeps bottles properly chilled without taking up much space space. It can be integeated with the cabinet doors so it looks part of tbe cabinetry.

  21. Banquette Seating
  22. A banquette is a great way to tranform a bare corner into an eat-in kitchen. The storage below the seat can be used to store linens and other items.

  23. Range Hood That Stands Out
  24. Often unnoticed, turn your range hood into a focal point by choosing one with color or with a unique design.

  25. Add Architectural Details
  26. Clean modern kitchens can be boring. Instead add embelishments with moldings and other cabinet accents.

  27. Glass-Front Cabinets
  28. Glass-front cabinets make your kitchen feel bright and clean. Mix it with solid cabinet doors for items that you want tot stay hidden.

  29. Pop of Color
  30. Use a diffent color for your island counter to deviate from the usual uniform finished cabinets. If you want to take it a step further, use a bright shade.

  31. Professional-Looking Kitchen
  32. If you love cooking and could have been a chef, why not invest in professional kitchen storage and equipment. A stainless steel rack and a hanging storage will do the work.

  33. Smart Storage Solutions
  34. Pullout drawers below or at the sides of counters are a great way to keep countertops clear. These are also good for storing spices, hiding the trash bin and for organizing pots and pans.

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