How to Drain a Blocked Dishwasher

Those who have a dishwasher in their homes likely love it. A dishwasher saves you tons of time on cleaning dishes. However, from time to time, your dishwasher may get blocked and not work as well. A clog in the dishwasher can come from a piece breaking off and getting stuck in the drain. Typically, … Continued

Can Toilet Paper Block Drains?

Do you find that your toilet tends to get clogged quite often? Clogged toilets are a messy issue that many homeowners face at one point or another. To avoid clogging it, you likely avoid flushing down obvious items like trash, food, and feminine hygiene products. However, there is another item that could clog your toilet … Continued

Will Drain Cleaner Unblock a Toilet

So you thought that plunging your toilet will clear the clog, but for some reason it didn’t work. So you start asking yourself, “Will drain cleaner unblock a toilet?” The answer is not really. First, drain cleaners are made for sink and floor drains and not toilets. Toilets have a different configuration inside that will … Continued

Type of Products to Unblock Drains

As your house begins to deteriorate, you will encounter problems with your plumbing such as blocked drains and sewer pipes. Calling a plumber right away may be your first instinct, but you might want to unblock the drains on your own first. With the right drain clearing solutions and unblocking tools, you can save the … Continued

How to Unblock a Sewer Pipe

Encountering a blockage in your sewer pipes is a messy situation. It can lead to foul odor in your bathroom and in some worst case scenarios waste can back up in your pipes, causing water flooding at the same time.How to unblock a sewer pipe? There are things you could do to unblock a sewer … Continued

Can You Use Drain Unblocker in a Dishwasher

Fixing a blocked dishwasher will get it working in no time, letting you wash the dirty dishes like you always do. There are 2 main problem areas when a dishwasher is blocked: the sprayer arm and the drain. The sprayer arm supplies the water for washing the dishes. If it gets clogged, only a few … Continued

What Causes Drain Blockage

Experiencing drain blockage can be a hassle. If you detect them at the onset, you can have it fixed right away and avoid serious damages to your home caused by major leaks. There are many factors to consider when it comes to what causes drain blockage. Here are some of them. Is the blocked drain … Continued

Is a Blocked Drain Covered by Insurance?

Floods, earthquakes and calamities happen to cities every now and then. You would be lucky to survive all of it. It would also be fortunate if you have an insurance cover to recover your home should it be affected. If you’re not sure, it’s best to check the fine print. With a lot of things … Continued

How to a Drain Blocked Toilet

Are you having a clogging problems and wondering how to drain a blocked toilet? You’ve come to the right place. Even if you don’t have any experience when it comes to toilet repair, here are certain steps that you can take to fix the problem. With the use of the right tools and a bit … Continued

How Much Does Drain Unblocking Cost

When you’re experiencing drain problems, you can try to resolve minor obstructions on your own. It is best however to avoid using acid-based drain cleaners. Their chemical components are highly corrosive that can damage your metal or plastic pipes. Sometimes they emit toxic odors when you use them to dissolve the clogs. Getting a professional … Continued